Navigant India: Revamping Healthcare Organizations Utilizing Business Process Management

Mahendra Singh Rawat,  Country HeadNavigant India was incorporated in 2004 in Trivandrum to provide high quality, cost effective, business process management services to its customer. In 2015, it got acquired by NCI (Navigant Consulting Inc). NCI is a leading professional services provider which assists health systems, physician practice groups, payers and life sciences companies in designing, developing, and implementing integrated, technology-enabled solutions that create high-performing healthcare organizations. Navigant India is one of the leading providers of innovative Revenue Cycle Management solutions in India. . Headquartered in Chicago with offices in nearly 50 cities throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Navigant operates from three locations in Trivandrum and one in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu in India with 1600 plus people.

Industry Know-how

Navigant operates in various business domains, including Healthcare,and is a national leader in providing healthcare organizations and physician practices with innovative revenue
cycle management solutions and consulting services. They partner with these organizations to design tailored solutions that deliver sustained improvement in performance and profitability while never losing sight of the patient experience.

“Navigant fore most differentiator is its employee -friendly cutomer approach which helps Navigant deliver cutomer satisfaction& empower it to be an employer of choice.”

In Healthcare BPM industry, it is paramount to deliver value, rather than merely delivering transaction. Leveraging its wide end-to-end healthcare vertical knowledge, Navigant adds tremendous value to its customers by serving fully vertically integrated solutions. The company partners with customers to design tailored solutions that deliver sustained improvements in both performance and profitability, while never losing sight on information protection and data security. To deliver value to customers, Navigant aligns with evolving technologies to be able to understand the need of the end customers and deliver models that not only continue to service the traditional needs of the clients but also innovate, predict and deliver their future needs.

Investing on Innovation & Team

Navigant heavily invests in technology to deliver non-linear
growth to drive automation. However, its foremost differentiator is its employee-friendly customer approach, which not only helps Navigant deliver customer satisfaction, but also empowers it to be an employer of choice. This dedication has helped the company to win numerous accolades such as The Hot 100 by Fortune and Best Place to Launch a Career by Business Week to name a few.

Realizing that in BPM industry, delivery largely depends on TEAM- the more collaborated the human interactions are, the better the chance for continuous improvement --, Mahendra Singh Rawat, Country Head, Navigant India, says, "Our focus has always been on initiating the shift of process design from the bottom-up. Also, we strategically selected our office locations to not just gain direct access to highly-qualified untapped resource pool but also to add value to our customers. Our overall business model focuses heavily on hiring talent and coaching them to be successful rather than poaching from already shrinking resource pool". The expertise of its global team ensures that its wider Indian team's outreach to robust Learning & Professional Development and on latest technologies.

As customers are moving from modular solutions serving to parts of the process to comprehensive solutions, Navigant has aligned it self to cater to the market needs. Navigant has created a seamless BPM organization that provides services to customers with a good level of consistency and anticipatory experience, and is currently expanding its presence in Trivandrum.