NatSav: UpScaling Businesses Performance with Highest Uptime & 24x7 Support Services

In today's interconnected world, website downtime can be very costly in terms of the company's bottom line revenue, brand reputation, and search engine visibility. A few years back in 2013, Amazon went down and they reportedly lost $66,240 every minute they were out of action.

Jaipur based NatSav, an end-to-end website hosting service provider, completely understands the importance of uptime much better than any other competitor in the space and guarantees almost 100 percent uptime along with full reliability without a single point of failure. Further more, the company's servers are built on ultra high performance infrastructure & hardware with fully redundant network RAID disk towers and backups, ensuring highest uptime. "The guarantee assures that all major routing devices within our network are reachable from the global internet 99.99 percent of the time and uptime is broken down into monthly increments,"adds Saurabh Sharma, Founder, NatSav.

The firm not just offers cloud web hosting and manages public/private/ hybrid cloud, but also provides tailormade products & services based on their target audience and requirements. Apart from offering disaster recovery services on remote backup servers, NatSav also solves web user's daily complications occurred during server hosting and site visit/usage (20MS to 110 MS). Its managed cloud server enables users to utilize the maximum benefit of mix cloud, whereas technologies like AWS, Microsoft, Azure and Google in the public cloud server and VMware & open stack technologies in private cloud server eliminate minor to major web barriers.

All the data exchanged between NatSav &clients are safe & secured, with less hacking, malware practices or any leak of the data, and a regular report of usage is also sent, furnishing clients to work on their site more effectively and efficiently. A scheduled
backup is provided for all data and RAID level-1 storage is used to completely mirror the data, in addition to protecting them realtime against hardware failure.
Saurabh Sharma,Founder
Attuned with attributes like reliability state-of-the-art infrastructure, 24x7 dedicated support, zero downtime, 3x faster speed with solid state disk, free website, SSL security,one click application installer and daily/weekly backups, NatSav provides an excellent web package and cutting-edge servers at attractive and completely transparent price points. This techsavvy company upholds multiple data centers(across Asia, US and Europe) and works on recent marketing(7Ps & 4Ms) & communication skills(7Cs), which further help the company to yield quality services. It recently introduced DNS cluster as well.

Apart from offering disaster recovery services on remote backup servers, NatSav also solves web user’s daily complications occurred during server hosting and site visit/usage

Its 24×7 working support team which assists clients to resolve their issues at the time of their work without waiting, functions in four steps understanding the customer's point of view, identifying the real problem, fixing the problem, and following-up. The team is divided into three layers Tier-1, 2 &3 to resolve any ticket over phone calls/chat/ Whatsapp/Skype, wherein the least complex ticket is assigned to the Tier-1 layer and most complex one to Tier-3. Today, NatSav upholds a strong group of SEO (who boosts website traffic) & SMO (establish connection with prospective customers), marketing experts, development team and research team (updates on recent innovations & tools). Because of the exponential growth, this $5 million company in the coming years is targeting to achieve more in terms of serving clients and generating revenue.