Narvankar Legal Chambers: Armoring You for the Cyber Law Combats

Yuvraj P Narvankar, PartnerThere is a widespread misconception that the Corporate Sector would be the major victim of computer contaminants. But the experienced cyber firms denote that the biggest victims have always been individuals or small scale firms. Recently there was a case in Pune where the employee had changed the password whilst leaving the job and also deleted the major work files. In such predicaments, most of the organizations stay blank about the intricate cyber laws of our country and in turn end up getting no justice. But the aforementioned software firm successfully recovered the data and also prosecuted the accused, because they received timely legal advices from Narvankar Legal Chambers (NLC) – a full service law firm advising several individuals and organizations in the procedure of filing & drafting of complaints, gathering of the evidence and also representing the clients before the competent authority. “If an intensive forensic investigation is required, we outsource them to the competent agency as well,” elucidates Yuvraj P. Narvankar, Managing Partner, NLC.

NLC has received a gamut of recognitions from major Bar Associations and police departments across the country

Experience Plays a Role

Built on the principles of integrity, ingenuity and intelligence, NLC possesses a mighty experience in handling several high wired litigations and arbitrations in multifarious sectors including Construction, Electricity and Company. Clutching this strong base of jurisprudence, the company broke into Cyber Law Division in the year 2010, with focus on Pune and Mumbai which received tremendous response being the IT Hubs. Since then, the experience of the management team headed by Yuvraj P. Narvankar (BSL, LL.M (DCL, D Corp.LMCiArb(U.K.)), under the able guidance of Adv. P.B. Narvankar (B.Com LL.B) along with the well experienced team of six associates and three partners has been instrumental in NLC advising more than 200 corporate houses/governmental organizations till date. “Supreme Court advocate and gold medalist (LLB & LLM), Yuvraj has been an asset for our organization. He has also won several awards and accolades for significant contribution in the field of legal aid,” proclaims Narvankar. Following the success, NLC has recently been conferred with the prestigious membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration at London.
Helping Hand in IT Actions

It is a ball-game for petitioners that every IT Act action in the civil court throws a challenge for traditional law enforcement since the same offence might be judged differently in each jurisdiction. Here, NLC’s knowledge on the ‘Conflict of Laws’ or Private International Law’ becomes imperative. Besides Section 43, the new Section 43-A emphasizes on the corporate responsibility to make sure that the said ‘Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures’ are in place. Helping various organizations and police establishments through delivering more than 75 lecture series about standard domestic & international protocols on the data privacy & protection, especially while handling the third party/clients, the company has been an elixir in the context.

“We also provide the periodic monitoring and review,” adds Narvankar. NLC has a record of helping police department in collecting e-evidences of many intricate cases, the latest one was of a girl committing suicide in Mumbai after a Facebook chat, where the chat history played a deciding role. No wonder, the firm has received a gamut of recognitions from major Bar Associations and police departments across the country. With a team of 12 competent and well trained advocates, and paralegals assisting them, NLC offers services also in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata through its associate offices. “We look ahead to provide services to the international organizations in the near future with expansion of our Mumbai and Pune offices,” concludes Narvankar.