MONJIN:Redefining the Recruitment Process through its Global Interviewers Network

 Aniruddha Fansalkar, Founder & Senior Partner

Aniruddha Fansalkar

Founder & Senior Partner

The Covid pandemic has completely disrupted the way companies operate across almost all industries. Due to the lockdown that was imposed across the country following the virus outbreak, work from home and remote working became mainstream practices across organizations. As a result, existing HR practices & policies became defunct and ineffective, thus forcing the HR departments to formulate new strategies & policies to handle the workforce and other related processes efficiently. Thus, HR tech solutions are in great demand in recent times. According to a recent report by Verified Market Research, the HR tech market which stood at $23.32 billion in 2021 is expected to be worth $38.36 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.7 percent during the forecast period.

Given such fertile conditions, there are a multitude of companies in India offering a wide range of HR tech solutions. However, one company that standsout among them is Pune-based Monjin. Founded in 2014 by Aniruddha Fansalkar (Founder & Senior Partner), Monjin is a one-of-a-kind innovative HR tech platform that is redefining the way interviews and recruitment process is being carried-out currently. It is the world’s first candidate assessment video platform that comprises of a vast global network of interviewers.

“Monjin My Online Job Interview is born for the larger good of the society, where
opportunity can be provided to every individual to showcase their skills which are vetted by experts in those fields and for employers to consume a neutral, unbiased quality talent pool, thus creating peace for talent. We are on a mission to assess the world’s talent pool & value skills and create opportunities for employment. Your skills are your currency, and people can trade them as a valuable commodity. Our vision is to be a global standard for skill interviews and help organizations create a thin structure internally where they rely on Monjin for Plug & Play Talent. We want to ease the stress of organizations and the candidates, which will also help in creating a better livable world”, says Aniruddha.

Monjin bridges the gap between employers, candidates & interviewers by bringing them all onto a single platform, thus easing the entire interview & recruitment process

An ISO 27001 certified company, Monjin bridges the gap between employers, candidates and interviewers by bringing them all onto a single platform, thus easing the entire interview and recruitment process. The company has created a global network of qualified interviewers, wherein it categorizes and stores the interviews conducted by these interviewers on its video platform, which can further be retrieved and viewed at any given time. Monjin enables users to check candidate interviews, view interviewers in real time during their interviewing process and even take part in the interview based on skills, subskills and competencies of their choice and candidate requirements.

“Monjin provides a unique hiring manager interface where decision making can be fast and effective. It also brings together world’s top brains who are interviewing on the Monjin platform and provides access to all of them for clients, thereby saving massive bandwidth of their projects, optimizing their cost and providing an opportunity for them to showcase a digital talent supply chain process to their clients”, explains Aniruddha.

Going forward, Monjin plans to extend its services to many other streams and assist businesses to offer their customers a hassle-free experience. The company is also launching a ready-assesses talent pool comprising of its ‘Our Candidates, Our Intervieweres’ talent pool, which will be accessible only to its early subscribers. Furthermore, it will soon be launching a learning academy which offers innovative and highly customized interview training to both candidates and the employers.