MindWorx Software Services: Evincing Maximum Productivity through Simplified IT

Baba Bhapkar,Founder & CEO

Baba Bhapkar

Founder & CEO

The good old system of organizations processing all business handles and tasks in-house with employees under their own payrolls is gone for good. Outsourced/Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) in modern days have transformed the global business landscape to a whole new level. The tales of well-scrutinized and innovative business paradigm that doesn't shy off to outsource the in-house processes yielding success beyond expectations has been the new-norm-talk in the city. No wonder, India - the land of resource prowess and creativity - has opened its opportunity doorway broader than ever before, which in turn induces an allure towards the country that is genuinely known for walk-the-talk by bestowing best possible quality at world's best prices. Easily recognizable from such best-in-class ODCs in our subcontinent with its simplicity in delivery model and user interface(UI), MindWorx Software Services is a Pune-based organization that proffers innovative, cutting edge & customized industry specific solutions ranging from software services to software products, engineering services, automation and IT Consulting Services to global companies.

Being Simple is the Slogan

"We make IT simple. The entire story revolves around this axis," asserts Baba Bhapkar, Founder & CEO, MindWorx. Heavily leveraging its self-carved global model and unique automation platform for IT services, the company simplifies user centric solutions for organizations across industry verticals such as Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, and Travel & Transport, and bestows an experience surpassing expectations. The complete automation platform which is molded in the form of suite on-boards the entire process step-by-step through various levels. For instance, the level 1 starts with enquiring the feasibility of client where they get an opportunity to savor the freedom to record the target of the project, decide tools they want to use, and resolve technologies they want to leverage. Post a detailed comprehension of client's exact needs, MindWorx escorts them to next levels with a precise blueprint of the upcoming processes and execution models. In addition, the company also provides clients with extreme privilege to choose the reporting paradigms (weekly, monthly or fortnightly) for variety of processes (such as support, maintenance, QA & project management).

The company is pledged in being transparent. It gives control of the entire process to clients by creating an opportunity for them to interview the ODC resources, scale up or down the resources whenever required, implementing single point of contact for all of their queries and a program management tool that enables them to track reports on a daily basis. And if clients want MindWorx to grasp all the responsibilities, it is open to that as well. "Most of the clients are excited to hear this prolonged index of project models to choose from, and savor utmost control over their projects. It is something up-to-the-minute for them," reminisces Baba. This out-of-the-box thought process and different approach towards each of the committing project which consistently result in maximum outputs for clients with minimum complexity and efforts, set the company far beyond its peer. The augmentation of loyal customers of the company accounts for many other factors like flexibility
of MindWorx to mold according to client's exact entailments & road maps, post a thorough analysis and then processing through different propositions such as POG & OODC. "Our strength lies in the collaboration between our strong software base, work process, company structure and people who perform at their very best each time. It's the reason that our esteemed clients are some of the most loyal you'll find any where," elucidates Baba.

The Global space asks for a little extra always. We care to arm our workforce with world class quality and skill set

Always an Extra Mile

MindWorx pipelines a gamut of service offerings that comprehensively leverage cutting-edge technologies ranging from the latest Microsoft Applications to Open Source Applications and Cloud Computing. "When it comes to design and UX, we have no limits to our experiments. Our design experts explore all the likely possibilities and take all opinion into consideration," adds Baba. One among the organizations that genuinely savored offshore product development expertise of MindWorx was Asia's largest & leading company in providing logistics & transportation services. As the geographical spread was taking away the grip over their team & workflow management, they were in dire need of a comprehensive solution to get all their associates under a single banner & track their respective performance. Comprehending the exact craters in client's system, MindWorx suggested a platform approach instead of product oriented solution.

The new thought was welcomed by the client whole heartedly. With an aim of delivering above expectations, the company chose the best framework and introduced an innovative enterprise-wide social collaboration concept. The application which saved a good chunk of money for the client was developed on the principle of providing continuous & easy access to information which can be accessed globally. The platform was termed as a worthy and asset tool for the client, and they manifested their gratitude by proffering Mind Worx with 'Best Solution of the Decade' award, yet another performance certification for the company!

The company also comes up with quality & cost-effective Product Engineering services by clutching possession of extensive Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) knowledge and dedicated SMEs to provide the right infrastructure, people and unified process. Besides offering industry norms such as Product Development, Product Re-Engineering and Support & Maintenance services under product engineering umbrella, it also incorporates Product Modernization services through 'MindWorx Studios', which is a MindWorx entity that amalgamates a team of aficionados that helps its clients to modernize their UI & UX, with seamless integration. "For instance, if there is a decrepit product developed in .net for an organization, we propose an improved and modernized UI & UX leveraging Angular, without altering the code. The new attire bestows the end-users a mint UX, and in turn results in direct RoI for the client," proclaims Baba.

Clutching the expertise of certified consultants who have broad experience in handling small, mid-size and enterprise level applications, in addition to making use of the self-starter capability and user centric approach, the services of Mind Worx also branch into knowledge transfer phase - professional IT Consulting Services. It caters with consulting services centered predominantly on Industrial Automation, Business Solutions, Process Optimization and Enterprise Application Implementation. Besides ODC, Product Engineering and IT Consulting services,
MindWorx is also best-known for Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Migration Services, Testing Services and e-Commerce.

The Right Path to Triumph

A technology enthusiast, Baba has been in a close-knit engagement with mid-sized organizations and has contributed big time in innovative thought process for them to thrive forward. The years of know-how in ODC made him a sovereign in the space and ignited the idea of starting his own venture, which was realized through Mind Worx in 2011 along with his life partner Snehal. "We landed with the name Mind Worx, because up and over everything, thought process is important. As we anticipated starting the firm as a software services company, eventually we ended up on the name - Mind Worx Software Services," explains Baba. With just four employees, the company made a mark in its first project itself (with a UK based organization) by providing the client with better productivity within three months from the commencement of project, and it probed the company first to various entities in Pune, and then to an esteemed clientele world wide. Mind Worx still remains bootstrapped, but with an augmented workforce of 80+ skilled professionals (onshore-offshore) spread across India, Canada, UK and U.S.

Accelerating Enough to Fly

MindWorx's approach towards resource hunt is intrinsically based on quality. It is determined in exposing its workforce to up-to-date technologies, conducting sessions on soft skills, time management, data security and many more, and pushing them for certification. "The global space asks for a little extra always. We care to arm our workforce with world class quality and skill set," adds Baba. In concert, the company perceives the gravity of employee contentment, thus celebrates almost every festival in the country, regardless of religion and geography. It also ensures at least a couple of leisure trips a year, in addition to a motivational award ceremony conducted on every annual day where the company accords recognitions such as Star of the Year and Performer of the Year. Baba has sketched and is excited to announce the Mission 2020 plans to MindWorxians, which predominantly focuses on establishing a world class client user experience platform for enhanced visibility into the process and optimizing quality while focusing on strict delivery timelines. Currently working on an e-Learning platform, the company has set blueprint to explore other industry verticals for the coming years.

Key Management:

Baba Bhapkar, Founder & CEO

Leading technology companies for more than two decades, Baba is an aficionado in high-tech product development. Post realizing his dream through venturing MindWorx, he leverages this extensive know-how to develop new innovations through self-carved development paradigms. In his role as Founder & CEO, Baba is focused on strategic product development, operations and overall corporate strategy.

Offices: Pune (Headquarter), Canada, UK & U.S.

Offerings: Outsourced Development, IT Consulting, Web Solutions, Product Engineering, Mobile Application &Art Studio

Verticals: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunication and Travel & Transport

• Best Product Development Award from Mahindra & Mahindra Services for building an innovative healthcare app
• Partner of the Year 2012 by GATI-KWE