Microsemi: A Comprehensive Portfolio of Semiconductor and System Solutions for Broad Markets

Vikram Labhe, Paul H. Pickle & James. J. Peterson, ,Country Manager, India , President & COO & Chairperson & CEO

Vikram Labhe, Paul H. Pickle & James. J. Peterson,

Country Manager, India , President & COO & Chairperson & CEO

Microsemi Corporation, one of the world’s oldest semiconductor companies, has seen rapid growth in the last few years through a combination of organic and inorganic expansion. Headquartered in California, the company has made its headway into the Indian semiconductor sector, strategically espying the strong sales program within the Indian Defence and Space markets. India has turned out to be a cardinal location that is pivotal to its product development engine and organic growth; be it the defence trend to develop portable, low-power radar systems that can track hard-to-detect enemy entities or the convoluted data processing in space and satellite systems, Microsemi is a premier supplier of semiconductors, systems, and services in India fixated on product development, such as silicon design and validation, software, semiconductor applications, and solutions engineering.

The Comprehensive Portfolio
Offering a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, defence and security, aviation, and industrial markets, Microsemi enables customers to build solutions in a range of applications including Ethernet switches, 100G
Ethernet, and optical transport network (OTN). Microsemi also deals with cellular infrastructure (including LTE-Advanced and 5G), small cells, microwave, and millimetre wave systems, Wi-Fi access points, XGS PON or NGPON-based converged wireline access, broadband gateways (including fiber/PON,, and DOCSIS3.1), and home/on - premise security/surveillance.

Our innovative approach to developing solutions that address the demanding specifications of our clients, coupled with our strong heritage in high reliability and excellent customer service, makes us a credible, attractive supplier

Reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors while creating complex, differentiated solutions, Microsemi includes discrete components in novel technologies such as Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride, communications ICs for Ethernet and OTN, radio frequency/wireless solutions, SAS/SATA and PCIe storage ICs, frequency and timing ICs, SoC FPGAs, and complete board/systems solutions. “Our innovative approach to developing solutions that address the demanding specifications of our clients, coupled with our strong heritage in high reliability and excellent customer service, makes us a credible, attractive supplier,” asserts James. J. Peterson, Chairperson and CEO of Microsemi.

The Semiconductor Pioneer
As part of the company’s Accelerate ecosystem partner program, Microsemi collaborates with third parties and design
houses to ensure development of the highest quality solutions. Inventing Power over LAN and pioneering Power over Ethernet, Microsemi stands out as a major contributor to PoE standards, such as the upcoming IEEE 802.3bt, IEEE 1588v2 precision time protocol software. Additionally, 90 percent of the world’s time is set by Microsemi’s Masers and Caesium standards. Striving to coalesce diverse technologies to work like one company, Microsemi is currently working on a customer portal to enable customers to leverage their diverse assortment of products and services. The company is backed up by an efficient workforce with several employees who are leaders in standardization and part of various IEEE governing bodies for vivid application domains (for instance, TS16949, Automotive Electronic Council standards for the automotive industry, radiation tolerance, and various military standards for space and defence markets). Microsemi is also actively involved in industry efforts to create free and open architectures such as RISC-V.

In addition to distributors and sales representatives having a strong regional presence and supporting customers through the entire design, development, and order fulfilment process, Microsemi also provides both presales and postsales support through field offices located across the world. Microsemi continues to innovate and upgrade its infrastructure to efficiently meet customer needs, constantly seeking breakthroughs and synergies. The strong product roadmap aligned with key growth drivers and key customers who are innovation leaders in their respective product technologies and shaping the technology landscape, turns out to be the factors fuelling strong organic growth for Microsemi in the coming years.