MicroHost Cloud: Building a Robust Cloud Infrastructure for DevOps

Manoj Dhanda,Founder & CTO

Manoj Dhanda

Founder & CTO

Amongst all the significant technology evolution, one of the most crucial technologies for any business has been Cloud Technology. Today, especially during these crises, it has been the utmost need of the hour for organizations to host their applications onto a cloud server if they want to in-crease its efficiency, scalability, and productivity. However, to fully reap the optimum benefits out of a cloud server infrastructure, one must partner with a robust technology solution provider who can provide the needed expertise and services that will bring about the essential changes towards better yielding growth opportunities.

Coming to the fore is Noida based MicroHost Cloud, which has been offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service to its various niche clients across different industrial segments. The company was established in 2013 as Micro Hosting Private Limited. Currently, MicroHost has its data centers across Noida, Mumbai, and Bangalore, with international data centers located across Germany and the US.

MicroHost Cloud was also the pioneer in launching India's first Cloud platform in 2018 and also the only company in India to have its platform for cloud computing services. Their DevOps Cloud services have been helping businesses seamlessly deploy and scale
their applications that run simultaneously across multiple locations.

Proving and Assuring Excellence
The most significant challenges that businesses face today are the handling of IT infrastructure and some critical security issues. Therefore, MicroHost Cloud focuses on various innovative plans that are entirely focused on providing the best befitting solution based on clients' diverse requirements.

"If we talk about our success stories, we had once helped India's biggest delivery companies who had been facing severe downtime, scalability and performance issues. For this, we offered them a solution which was a combination of load balancers, multiple cloud servers, backup storage, and database replications. And with this combination, we help them in saving about 45 percent cost and bring the needed stability in performance with zero downtime; thereby significantly increasing the efficiency and productivity of their business," highlighted Manoj Dhanda, Founder & CTO at MicroHost Cloud.

Offering a Scalable Cloud Platform
With homestead features that include Cloud Server, Cloud Firewall, DNS, and load balancer to run fully loaded applications seamlessly, MicroHost Cloud is a one-stop solution company that has been consistently aiding its clients to easily upscale and down-scale their resources. The company has been offering the best in class enterprise SSD for a better Storage performance, console access of the server to make all changes on the server, and also providing the freedom to run any software according to their business' requirements. This future-ready cloud server offers 100 percent SLA, powerful API, root/administrator access, secured network, and application performance booster - Intel Xeon CPU, catalyzed by its best-in-standard hard-ware and also the hardware level raid. All of this can be offered in a pay-as-you-grow service with stand-alone model options as well. The company has also been providing organizations with a dedicated infrastructure that requires customized, secure, and better performance solutions for their application with better control over user data.

"MicroHost Cloud has been rewarded and recognized with various awards, from Cloud Summit India, Appreciation Award from Govt of India for .In Registrar, Sponsor Award from WordCamp Ahmedabad, and the list goes on and on. If we talk about 2020, we have already launched 100+ 1 Click deploy DevOps applications, and soon we'll be launching Kubernetes as well," concludes Kusum Dhanda, MD of the company.