Merci Cloud: Feature Rich Cloud ERP with Exceptional Implementation

Gagan Raj, MDTruth be told, the key to a boundary less transformation strategy is a relentless focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – the systems that run mission-critical processes such as financials, planning, HR, supply chain and logistics. However, in the urgency of deploying and implementing the ERP, businesses often loose enthusiasm and most importantly, time and money. Surat based MERCI Cloud ERP is a product of Nidhi Infocomm, offered in the form of SaaS and PaaS. The most unique attribute of this ERP is the rapid deployment enablement. Its hassle free and rapid Development & Deployment Model is based on true AI for redundancy, data security, simple model of working. Based on Amazon Aurora Cloud, the firm delivers 3tier Database architecture to provide a solid ERP platform providing exceptionally high levels of speed and reliability. MERCI ERP model eliminates need for DBA and other IT infrastructure management. Designed as a highly scalable and intuitive model, MERCI Cloud ERP enhances the business ease to compete with ever evolving business practices and needs while assisting organizations to meet the dynamic changes of the business environment. Underlying AI layers designs and implements the software modules and required reports on the fly even without the need of dedicated software engineer for this purpose. There are a swarm of exceptional features that MERCI Cloud ERP delivers while keeping its promise of rapid implementation.
It is a pre-hosted solution configured to scale both horizontally and vertically as per dynamic need of the business and business loads.

Not just Fast, but Bundled with Features
Auto-backups, auto replication, data redundancy and failovers are the most important aspects while deciding between the cloud solutions to be adapted by any organization, along with the cost factors applicable towards the same. Man power, setup of technical team / persons, deciding upon the infrastructure and then managing the same are crucial for any business. More so, Small & Medium businesses cannot afford to be any less careful. MERCI Cloud ERP rescues businesses from these factors which are automatically and transparently handled by the backed ERP implementation AI. The customer is left at ease simply to punch in the data and focus on the business’ core competency. Self Learning Modules, Knowledgebase, KRA, Reports, Analytics and Business Intelligence including the Forecasting, data mining and extraction are performed seamlessly in a smooth and efficient way while eliminating the need for any technical attendance or Database Admin. As Gagan Raj, the Managing Director for Nidhi Infocomm explains, implementation of any business process over AWS, like hosting files, setting up and maintaining Databases etc, require a steep learning curve and is time consuming too. MERCI Cloud Platform provides a ready to use auto-managed and pre-managed resources over AWS to leverage the benefits of the Cloud architecture.

MERCI Cloud Platform provides a ready to use automanaged and pre-managed resources over AWS to leverage the benefits of the Cloud architecture

The platform internally configures and scales the AWS as per dynamic need of the application, both horizontally and vertically. Moreover, MERCI manages the load balancers and automates the AWS underlying APIs to control the cloud mechanism towards autoscaling, manage auto-failovers, and manage snapshot/backup of data. The underlying AI engine of MERCI Cloud manages the database eco-system in terms of traffic control, analysing and optimizing the queries to minimize data loads and resource usages, thereby delivering the fastest results to the user.

With success achieved, the organization has recently launched ‘MERCI LITE’ to cater retail space. With such staggering leaps and success with Cloud ERP, MERCI Cloud ERP is aggressively spurring to make geographical expansions pan India.