MediaTek: Shaping the 5G Device Era with MediaTek High Performance Chips

Rituparna Mandal,General Manager

Rituparna Mandal

General Manager

Devices have undergone a dramatic transformation over the past decade, thanks to the advancements in processor technologies as well as the consumer demands arising from new digital trends like mobility, artificial intelligence(AI)and augmented reality (AR). The pandemic has further accelerated the need for high-performance devices to address the sudden demand for mobility for work and study needs. Smartphones have emerged as the most convenient computing device because of their ease of use, affordability and rich feature sets. With new technology trends like 5G shaping the digital world, smartphone users continuously seek innovations that can take their smartphone experience to new levels. Enhancements in processor technology, faster & reliable connectivity and power efficiency are among the top priorities for the new generation of smartphones.

MediaTek is the 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company and powers nearly two billion devices a year. It has emerged as the world's no.1 smartphone chipset vendor with over 351.8 million smartphone chipset shipments in 2020 and is also the market leader in chipset technology for Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VADs), Android tablets, feature phones, Optical and Bluray DVD players. The company offers innovative IPs under major categories such as high-performance application processors with
heterogeneous computing, Artificial Intelligence, multimedia accelerators, peripheral IO, and wireless & wired connectivity. MediaTek also boasts a diverse portfolio of integrated networking and control solutions to enable home connectivity and automation.

Incredible Performance with Intelligent Chips
MediaTek's intelligent processor technology is powering the industry's leading smartphones, digital smart TVs, Blu-ray and DVDs, tablets & Chromebooks, wireless routers, smart health devices & wearables, voice-assisted devices & smart speakers, smart surveillance and home monitoring devices. "One in every five households is having at least one device powered by MediaTek chips," says Rituparna Mandal, General Manager, MediaTek Bangalore.

MediaTek is committed to enabling technology democratization and thus helps address the digital divide prevailing in many societies

The company's Dimensity 5G series of chipsets deliver cutting-edge performance to 5G smartphones. The latest in the series, Dimensity 1200, delivers up to 22 percent faster CPU performance while also being 25 percent more power-efficient versus the previous generation chipsets. Advanced APUs with multi tasking scheduler help reduce latency and improve power efficiency, delivering 12.5 percent more performance versus the previous generation. The fully integrated in-chip 5G modem, in combination with MediaTek 5G UltraSave technology, enables significant power savings while delivering superior sub-6GHz performance. Another innovation, MediaTek Hyper Enginegaming technology, enhances the whole smartphone gaming experience with finely tuned connectivity and reliability features.

MediaTek is committed to enabling technology democratization and thus help address the digital divide prevailing in many societies,” says Mandal. With 'Incredible Technologies lead to Incredible Experiences', MediaTek has launched a massive campaign to popularize their chip technologies among the mass. "We offer a diverse portfolio of chipsets to OEMs, enabling them to deliver products across entry level, mid-range and premium categories. In this way, we hope to democratize technology adoption across the society," says Mandal. MediaTek is also committed to Make in India efforts and has associated with domestic manufacturers like VVDN Technologies and Tessolve to design next-generation smart devices.