MAVK Engineering Solutions: From HVAC Projects and AMCs to smart Infrastructure Management

Amit Verma,Managing Director

Amit Verma

Managing Director

MAVK Engineering Solutions is a prominent
name in Bangalore when it comes to HVAC
(Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
solutions and services. Founded in 2008,
MAVK is the preferred partner of choice for Techparks, Facility Management companies, MNCs and Builders & Developers for Turnkey projects and Annual Maintenance Contracts in the area of HVAC. However, MAVK is not just another HVAC company. Amit Verma, Managing Director, says “Since 2008, our focus has been on providing Technology-enabled services to clients: Being a tech-savvy company that understands both hardware and software very well, we have introduced systems that optimize costs, improve performance and reduce the carbon footprint. We have introduced several measures that have brought significant Energy savings to clients. We will soon be introducing Energy Management Solutions (EMS) that monitors the power consumption across various areas of the facility. The findings will help our clients streamline their operations, reduce manpower costs and increase RoI on their infrastructures.”

Since 2015, MAVK has been working on innovative IoT-based solutions for clients. At the campus of a reputed MNC in Bangalore, the firm deployed occupancy sensors, and helped the client optimize usage of HVAC and lighting, thus bringing a whopping 29% savings on the power consumption. “The experience from this project helped us develop or invest in developing specialized hardware controllers that were installed at client sites as successful pilots. We were also the first to introduce a US-based,energy-saving Oil Additive for HVAC, in the South India market in 2010. The additive has helped clients improve the efficiency and performance of their HVAC infrastructure. We are currently pursuing the same for clients who have a clear mandate for Energy Savings,” mentions Amit.

A wide spectrum of Services
MAVK Engineering Solutions strives to add value at every step of their clients’ business. “At one Techpark, we replaced the aluminium-radiator-type coils in their Air-cooled chillers with copper-pipe-type coils which offer better heat transfer and durability. This has helped prolong the lifespan of these chillers." Maintaining indoor air quality at the workplace is important as the indoor air may contain carbon dioxide and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are harmful to health, beyond a certain limit. “Recognizing the importance of this, MAVK Engineering Solutions offers Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQT) and AC Duct Cleaning (both manual and robotic) in this area. More recently, we have ventured into Energy Audits and Energy Management Systems” says Amit Verma, Managing Director, MAVK Engineering Solutions.

Infrastructure Management
While MAVK started off as an HVAC company, it has
evolved over the years into an Infrastructure Management Solutions (IMS) company. MAVK is shortly introducing their proprietary Asset Management software which helps their clients reduce equipment downtime and give their Top Management a clear picture of their capital expenditure (Capex) and operational expenditure (Opex), This software will help enterprises to keep a track of their assets (machinery and equipment) and monitor them for preventing breakdowns, in an automated and transparent fashion.

Explaining the process, Amit, says, “The industry is moving from a Preventive Maintenance approach towards a Proactive Maintenance approach. Our Asset Management software precisely helps organizations achieve this.” Having been in this business for 12 years, Amit has seen clients’ challenges first-hand, so today, all their IM solutions are aimed at capturing data seamlessly from equipment or machinery, integrating with data from another department, identifying areas of improvement and undertaking measures for the same.

Being a tech-savvy company that understands both hardware and software very well, we have introduced systems that optimize costs, improve performance and reduce the carbon footprint

Time and again, clients have complimented MAVK because of their professional approach to the HVAC business where semi-qualified technicians are managed by qualified managers. However, at MAVK, the technicians are encouraged to think big and work like entrepreneurs or technology consultants. “On a regular basis, we organize both technical and soft skills training for our field staff; give supervisors and managers the freedom to think like business owners and come up with ideas for improvement,” says Amit. Their value-added services have received positive response from clients and over the next couple of years, these services could achieve revenue equal to or more than that of their core services which is HVAC Projects and AMCs.