Marvist: Helping SMEs with Expert and Intelligent Digital Marketing Solutions

PrabodhDubaka,Managing Director


Managing Director

Marketing might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a business, but it is certainly the backbone of a successful business. With changing business scenarios and the evolution of modern technologies, every company irrespective of its size is doing everything they can to keep up with the evolving consumer behavior. Brick-and Mortar firms are either shifting their business models to online platforms or they are strengthening their existing marketing efforts with emerging digital marketing techniques in an attempt to capture a bigger share of the growing marketplace. Today, business owners are using SEO, SMO and various digital marketing methods and techniques to not only survive but also thrive against their competition. Hyderabad based Marvist Digital Marketing is leaving no stone unturned to help businesses in being successful and maximizing sales in today's economy.

Marvist Digital Marketing is a division of Marvist Consulting Pvt Ltd, it is a digital marketing service provider offering a gamut of services such as Organic SEO, Digital Marketing Consulting, Local SEO, SEO Audit and Strategy Assessment, Pay per
Click Management, Social Media Optimization, Content and Website Development. Marvist’s Solutions are designed based on the firm’s decade long expertise and experience of consistently delivering result oriented services. Marvist strictly avoids any unethical methods that can harm the client’s long term results while delivering short term results especially in SEO services.

A celebrated Digital Marketing service provider, Marvist Digital Marketing’s goal is - ‘Enable our client’s business success through our Digital Marketing Solutions’, and the firm is going all out and making every effort to keep up with its objectives. Marvist started as a comprehensive digital marketing provider offering whole range of services including secondary marketing research for making business decisions. At one time, it was flooded with many SEO projects that it reduced emphasis on other services. As the SEO algorithm changed, it became essential to address the broader services to rank for SEO. Today, Marvist offers a range of tightly integrated digital marketing services and has an SME focus by choice, offering expert and intelligence driven solutions to well-established SMEs.

“Understanding our customer’s requirement is something we put in a lot of effort and emphasis on. This is a very important step which might exactly not be fun, but it is very important to make any meaningful customizations that can make a positive impact for a client. At Marvist, we use standardized solutions to give framework, structure and efficiency while we customize our solutions to meet the
client’s specific needs so that the solution not only fits their requirements but also delivers the expected results. Our goal is to understand the needs for each client and choose an assortment of suitable services so that the clients can be served with a complete solution that delivers results,” expresses Prabodh Dubaka, Managing Director, Marvist Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing by its nature is very measurable unlike traditional advertising or branding. Using rank positions and Google Analytics, clients can measure the impact of their investment in digital marketing on their projects. “We send monthly comparisons of the results so that clients can see the productivity of their campaigns. We offer regular reviews of client results vs. objectives. We innovate continuously. We serve dozens of clients; we see the patterns of what works and what does not. We test new ideas on non-client sites and then only roll out the proven methodology to our customers. Clients are aware of their business, their competitors and their strengths, but what they lack is an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and how to establish digital marketing goals that will serve their needs. They need help in prioritization of their digital marketing goals and guidance on what is easy and quick to execute to get some successful results, and this is what we are best at,” says Prabodh. Having served clients with digital marketing services in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, and other English speaking European countries, in the years to come Marvist is all set to expand its clientele across the globe including in India.