MajGhar: Transforming the Food Hospitality Industry

Pallavi Verma & Sanket Dhake,Founders – Directors

Pallavi Verma & Sanket Dhake

Founders – Directors

Back in the days when families used to big with large food gatherings, family members and guests used to have food together in some middle room of the house near the kitchen MajGhar (read maaj-ghar). Having a similar idea for a cloud kitchen, Mumbai-based childhood friends Sanket Dhake and Pallavi Verma founded MajGhar Food and Kitchen Company (MFKC) in June 2020. MAJGHAR mainly operates as traditional food management and cloud kitchen company offering catering and restaurant services with expertise in authentic and innovative recipes across the country. The company offers a variety of aromatic and flavorful dishes catering to its corporate, industrial, institutional, and social clientele. With a passion for genuineness, MFKC is heading towards becoming an established caterer and food hospitality provider transforming the food industry with its exclusivity and elegance.

Professional Food Hospitality Services
With ‘ROOHI Hospitality Group Pvt. Ltd’ and ‘Shreya caterers’ as the parent hospitality and hotel management company, MajGhar has an experienced expert team of hoteliers, culinary
professionals, and caterers on its side that ensures top-quality services in the market. The company has been serving to create an extraordinary food experience to support and employ the native people, local vendors. MFKC uses only the best, brightest, and freshest ingredients to maintain its high-level standard in the preparation of delicious food.

MajGhar offers a variety of food hospitality services like Corporate Lunch/Canteen, Industrial Catering, Remote Site Catering, Institutional Catering, Outdoor and Event Catering, Individual Packaged Meals, MajGhar Restaurant, and affiliated services custom-tailored to suit client needs. MajGhar controls the food quality by complying with FSSAI guidelines, getting fresh raw material from local vendors and suppliers, temperature maintenance, and contactless deliveries

MAJGHAR is heading towards becoming an established caterer and food hospitality provider transforming the food industry with its exclusivity and elegance

MajGhar Restaurant - Dine-in with Elegance
MajGhar Restaurant coins perfect harmony between dining and luxury offering the art of serving food with elegance. The restaurant offers authentic traditional Konkani Cuisine originated in the western coastal region of the country. The Konkani Legacy is still alive and afresh with the MajGhar Restaurant serving in the Mumbai region and other Maharashtra regions.

MajGhar’s luscious cuisine, as well as bespoke services,has made them one of the leading names in India’s Food and Catering Businesses. The Team’s passion for delivering fresh and flavorful food, and immaculate service has made the brand MajGhar that’s sought after by businesses that assist a variety of audiences in the Food Hospitability Sector. MFKC also has MajGhar Specialty Restaurant Outlets in Thane and Mumbai,and some in rest of the Maharashtra. MFKC caters to the food hospitality needs of a wide range of clienteles including Pharma, IT, FMCG, BFSI, Textile, Corporate Sector, etc. across India.