Locuz: Enabling Data Centres Realize The Power Of Converging To the Cloud

Uttam Majumdar ,   Founder & President

Uttam Majumdar, Founder & President

Convergence - harmonizing computational infrastructures to integrate Cloud, HPC and Big Data - isn’t a new trend in technology. Sadly, not every datacentre technology practitioner in the market today has the ingenuity and know how to deploy the same. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Locuz Enterprise Solutions with years of expertise on the domain not only understands convergence of Cloud, Big Data and HPC but also has many deployments to their merit for some of the big brands in the industry across verticals. Due to this expertise and understanding Locuz has swiftly become the GO TO team for businesses planning to get started on their digital transformation journey. Locuz has become the obvious choice for customers as it instills high trust and confidence as a technology partners due to their domain expertise and their customized solutions approach; keeping the customer requirement at the center.

Knowing that Digital transformation is a technology trend that businesses will sooner or later adapt to, Locuz apart from providing a wide array of advisory, implementation & managed IT services, built innovative platforms in Hybrid Cloud Orchestration, Data Protection and Data Virtualization, High Performance Computing, Software Asset Analytics & Microsoft Process automation. These products have been successfully deployed in leading enterprises and Datacentres in India and have helped customers realize greater RoI from their IT Infrastructure assets and derive cloud like capabilities inside their datacenter.
Any technology vigilante will know that datacenter technologies and innovations are morphing at a lightning speed today. Staying at the vantage point Locuz has invested heavily in Cloud Engineering and has rolled out offerings that deliver great value to their customers. ClouTor and Conquo are two flagship offerings that define every datacenter transformation. The bedrock for engineering these offerings has been to accelerate their customers in their transformation journey and be true technology partners to them in the truest sense.

"Locuz Enterprise Solutions with years of expertise on the domain not only understands convergence of Cloud, Big Data and HPC but also has many deployments to their merit for some of the big brands in the industry across verticals"

Innovations @ Locuz Labs!
ClouTor; A modern way to manage, optimize, economize work loads on-premise and on AWS, all over with just a few clicks.

Conquo; Locuz’s one click DR managed service offering powered by Actifio. It provides enterprise-data-as-as-service to customers and can launch multiple services like Data Protection, Data Recovery, Data Insight, Data Virtualization, & Data Governance, priced in a pay-as-you go model.

Ganana; A HPC Cluster Manager & App Scheduler Portal that makes it easier for users to build large and complex clusters & run applications without programming &/or administrators.

“We started in 2000, with a belief that the world of Technology Infrastructure will converge in the near future, & now, we see convergence happening inside the datacentre of every enterprise. We take pride in being the trusted IT partner to many businesses who are at the brink of IT Transformation. We have a strong team of specialists, who help address the challenge of deploying & managing complex IT Infrastructure in the face of rapid
technological change. The greatest of these changes is the Cloud; and as an organization we are uniquely positioned to help enterprises leverage the power of cloud technologies while avoiding the pitfalls of security, identity and service management. Convergence is not just in our logo, Convergence is our Credo”, says Uttam Majumdar, Founder & President at Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

Remarkable Encounters with Clients
In a recent venture, a leading Service provider of contingent workforce management and service procurement solutions sought the expertise of Locuz. As part of an effort towards continuous innovation and to build greater agility and superior compliance in the business, the company wanted to revamp the existing Dev & Test IT Infrastructure. Their preferred approach was by evaluating multi-cloud platforms and deploying secure means for developers and users to access the Test & Dev Infra. Locuz carried out a comprehensive IT Infra & Cloud Readiness Assessment for the client and provided a plan and design (with validated test cases) that can serve as a blue print for them to execute further; both on the Cloud as well as on the Compliance side. The blue print also included comprehensive migration plan of all Dev & Test servers from On Prem to Cloud, ensuring that the network is optimized for superior user experience and security (like DLP) solutions are deployed to protect. Locuz was also a part of the ‘Chandryaan’ project, wherein the company facilitated complex High Performance StorageCluster for data capture, processing and networking with worldwide space labs.

Currently, a 180Cr. Company & growing YOY at about 30 percent, Locuz aims to be Technology Lifecycle partner of choice for Hybrid IT Services, offering customers dynamic, flexible and agile platforms as business systems.