Livetraq: A Single Window Tracking Solutions Provider

Chukka Bala Prasanna,   Co-Founder & COO

Chukka Bala Prasanna

Co-Founder & COO

In 2021, the global GPS tracking device market was worth USD 2,192 million. It is estimated to be worth USD 6,378 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 12.6 percent over the forecast period (2022–2030). The market is being driven by the endurance of GPS devices and their increasing application in commercial vehicle tracking systems. This enhances the tracking of necessities for the benefit of efficiency and safety. As a result, many commercial vehicles now have GPS systems. As sales of commercial vehicles increase, increasing the market for GPS tracking devices. However, partnering with a competent solution provider is critical to ensure the productivity and efficiency of any given vehicle operation.

This is where Livetraq has carved a niche for itself as a single window GPS tracking solutions provider that has been successfully aiding industry-specific clients in improving driver safety, optimizing fleet performance, maintaining vehicle health, and complying with laws and regulations.

“We are here to improve the lives of common individuals and small and medium sized business owners via quality, efficiency, convenience, and economy. We assist you in using the best technology and processes by utilizing our user friendly digital platform, which provides clarity in all parts of your organization and analysis to make organized decisions. We focus on developing best-in-class solutions while also adapting them to meet the diverse and distinct demands of each client,” says Bala Prasanna.
Livetraq provides a wide range of tracking solutions. To begin, its Fuel Monitoring Solution is a technology system that tracks real time fuel level, consumption, and replenishment in order to enhance fuel economy, and avoid drainage, and fraudulent activities. Fleet trucks, heavy transporters, concrete mixers, tankers, and refrigerated tankers were all served by this fuel solution. Furthermore, the technology can help reduce fuel loss in buses, vans, generators, and excavators. Improved fuel consumption insights, reduced gasoline pilferage, detection of fuel waste, increased fuel economy, fuel usage analytics and reporting, and fuel mileage analysis are all possible.

Secondly, Livetraq's premium offering is an advanced fleet management system that can assist with vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, routing, fuel monitoring, and tyre management, all while being simple to use. To meet all tracking requirements, one can obtain precise driver whereabouts and automate the development of delivery/ collection routes. Its live tracking screen is useful and informative, with features such as trip management, fuel management, onboard diagnostics, tyre management, maintenance reminder, expenditure management, route optimization, and parking safety.

We would like to constantly re-innovate ourselves and integrate the best of technologies and methodologies to help clients with future-ready technology solutions

Thirdly, Livetraq is well-known in the market for its Fleet Dashcam Solution, which offers real time vehicle monitoring using superior dashcam technology linked with video telematics solutions. The fleet operations can acquire live vehicle movement with video footage and also get the vehicle condition in realtime with video telematics. It has characteristics such as consistent video coverage, 24/7 visibility with 360-degree views, various camera perspectives, and accident footage.

Finally, Livetraq offers a School Bus Management Solution, which aids in the smooth operation of school buses by providing realtime monitoring, location detection, quick notification, and error identification. It makes it simple for schools to enhance the overall bus economy by permitting more efficient routes that reduce fuel usage. It contributes to better, safer, and more efficient school bus operations.

“Going forward, we would like to constantly reinnovate ourselves and integrate the best of technologies and methodologies to help clients with future ready technology solutions. We would be focused on staying relevant with the changing market dynamics so as to cater to our niche clients to the fullest of our capabilities,” concludes Bala Prasanna.