Lazy Co.: Changing the Face of Wearable Technology with Smart Jewellery

  Apoorv Shankar,   Founder and CEO

Apoorv Shankar, Founder and CEO

The Indian wearable market witnessed strong growth in the third quarter of 2018. According to data from International Data Corporation’s quarterly wearables device tracker, smart wearables which can run third-party applications on their own saw two successive quarters of double-digit growth and shipped 102,000 units in the third quarter of 2018, the first quarter which shipments crossed 100,000 units. The overall wearable technology market is expected to grow from USD 15.74 billion in 2015 to USD 51.60 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.51 percent from 2016 to 2022.Sensing a buzz of opportunity in this booming wearable technology industry, Apoorv Shankar, stepped ahead and established Lazy Co, a Bangalore based wearable technology startup accelerated by Qualcomm and supported by Govt. of Karnataka.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Lazy Co designs products that make humans more efficient at everyday tasks by incorporating the laziest ways to get a job done. Lazy Co’s first product, Aina, redefines the way people interact with smartphone making it the Laziest
way to control anything. “At Lazy Co, we are a team of Designers, Data Scientists, and Engineers from IISc Bangalore designing the laziest ways to get daily tasks done. The word Aina means mirror in Hindi and that is what exactly Aina smart ring does. It effectively learns what you do on a daily basis on your smartphone and predicts shortcuts for you on Aina, so you see the right shortcut at the right time,Aina is the first device that is truly personalized to you, a device that mirrors you,” says Apoorv Shankar, Founder, and CEO, Lazy Co.

"Lazy Co designs products that make humans more efficient at everyday tasks by incorporating the laziest ways to get a job done"

A premium AI-powered smart ring, Aina connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and using behavioural AI, Aina learns your smartphone usage habits, analyses this data and anticipates the next shortcut you need, making sure users find the right shortcut on Aina just before they need it. For example, you wake up at 7am in the morning and you will find a shortcut to switch on your Coffee Machine, swipe on Aina and the coffee machine starts brewing coffee, while you are still on your bed. Adding further, Apoorv shares, “With this smart ring, you cannot just manage your day with few swipes, but you can also control your house, calls, and much more. For example, Aina learns when you typi-cally book a cab to office, so while you are having breakfast, you will see a short-cut to book a Cab to office, swipe up and the cab is booked. From 20 seconds of unlocking, swiping and tapping on
a phone touch screen, Aina brings the time to book a cab to office to a mere 2 second. The AI-powered ring can control smart homes, it knows when you’re about to sleep so it allows you to turn off the lights. Further, Aina also acts as a fitness tracker with 6-Axis motion sensors. As the first ring with a display, Aina makes an elegant timepiece, a symbol of how far the first pendulum clock has reached. Last but not least, Aina also lets you take phone calls just by placing their fingertips on your ear using their proprietary near field directional sound technology which focuses sound in a specific direction so only you can hear the sound coming from it. Acting as a phone, a smart home remote, a fitness tracker, a timepiece and even a safety button, Aina truly redefines the way we do everyday tasks.

A young firm, Lazy Co has achieved various awards and recognition in a short span of time. The wearable technology firm is acknowledged by Qualcomm under Qualcomm Designing India. The company was also the City winner of Alibaba Start-up Cloud Contest held in Bangalore. Further, Lazy Co also won the Elevate 2018 competition organized by the Government of Karnataka. With a positive approach, Lazy Co is marching ahead towards more success and glory. In the years to come, the firm desires to increase its brand popularity, acceptance and aims to raise substantial money from Pre Orders of Aina through the crowdfunding campaign they are launching in May.