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Radhakrishna Todupunuri,Managing Partner

Radhakrishna Todupunuri

Managing Partner

Automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for the continued success of organizations. It has several advantages such as reduced costs, increased efficiency, and time savings. Auto-mating gate operation is an effort in this direction. Entrance automation reduces manpower requirements and maintenance costs. Entrance or gate automation improves accessibility, improves security, saves space, and simplifies maintenance. Additionally, it improves the image of the firm. In India, there are only a handful of firms dealing in automated gates. Letin Automations is one of the few such firms. It, not only markets automated gates but also offers critical gate management solutions.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Letin Automations offer a range of home and entrance automation solutions. Radhakrishna Todupunuri is the key personnel of the company.

Gate Management made Easy
Letin Automations offers entrance automation solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. The company's expertise comprises automating single and double swing gates, sliding gates, combined swing and sliding gates, customized garage gates, rolling shutters for commercial establishments, and sliding glass doors. While automated gates offer sophistication and ease of operation, they are a great help to aged and handicapped drivers in operating garage gates. Automated gates are silent, jerkfree, and pause or goes back if interference is noticed. Further, smooth operation increases the life of gates. Automated gates can be operated manually in case of a power failure.
Facilitating Crowd Management
The company also markets boom barriers for commercial complexes, toll gates, SEZs, and IT parks. Boom barriers are integrated with long-range access control systems. Letin Automations also deal in turnstiles. Turnstiles can be swing barriers single and bi-directional, floor or wall-mounted, and are generally equipped with integrated access controls. Letin Automations also markets stand-alone video gate phones, multifloor video phones, and multiapartment video gate phones with intercom facilities.The company provides flexible maintenance services for its products.

With fifteen years of experience and over 1000 completed projects, Letin Automations's team has a deep under-standing of the applications of the product and offers unique solutions to entrance automation issues. The company's familiarity with the product and the requirements of the clients add value to the manufacturers. This specialized knowledge is the USP of the company.

The expertise of Letin Automations is well appreciated by clients and they depend on the company for solving some of the vexing problems concerning gate automation. For instance, Letin Automations designed an efficient and space-saving solution, for a commercial establishment, at half its budgeted cost.
Letin Automations has over 1226 clients, both commercial and non-commercial. It has executed over 126 commercial projects. Clients look up to Letin Automations for complex design and integration entrance management solutions. The company utilizes state-of-the-art gate and home automation technologies to provide quality solutions to its clients.

Letin automation prioritizes research and development. Innovative products and designs characterize the R& D efforts of the company. The staff is exposed to the latest developments in gate and home automation technologies through periodical training.

With fifteen years of experience and over 1000 completed projects, Letin Automations's team has a deep understanding of the applications of the product

Letin Automations deals with prestigious companies such as Dr.Reddy's, Aurobindo, GMR Group Hyundai, Divis, My Home Group, Poulomi Infra, Lanco Hills, and several others.Letin Automations plans to become a leading integrated solution provider and a solution partner to its clients. The company endeavors to continue providing excellent entrance automation solutions. Entrance automation is more solution based, rather than an off-the-shelf product. Letin Automations wishes to see the product as an entrance management solution rather than as a simple automation solution.