Knolskape: Facilitating Experiential Learning

Rajiv Jayaraman,  CEOApart from the staggering impact on human life, the pandemic has greatly disrupted workplace learning and access to upskilling. Although organizations worldwide shifted gears to virtual workplace models and remote working practices to enable business continuity, capability- building initiatives were put on hold. Businesses soon realised they could not afford a long-term pause when it comes to workplace learning because it is crucial to the success and improvement of their employees.

Founded by Rajiv Jayaraman, KNOLSKAPE is on a mission to help organizations and leaders become future-ready through experiential learning. Rajiv is an INSEAD MBA and a BITS-Pilani alumnus. His ultimate objective is to help organizations build leadership and digital mindsets at scale. As the Founder/CEO of KNOLSKAPE, he has built a global team that pioneers a world class learning and assessment platform that is used in 300+ leading companies across 25 countries.

KNOLSKAPE offers robust transformational talent programs to organizations and provides a large portfolio of award-winning simulations and experiential courses to learners. Typically, the conventional learning platforms available have standard content. Learners have to go through the content in a passive manner. They don’t get any behavioral feedback or opportunity to apply that learning in a safe environment before they can implement that at work. This is precisely where KNOLSKAPE comes with its experiential learning solution. What an experiential learning system does is that it creates a safe learning environment where they are exposed to real-world situations-for the learners to practice a new skill and apply it in the real world.
“At the core of what we are doing through experiential learning is providing an opportunity for people to get a safe environment where they can apply their skills and learn through analytics”, states Rajiv. The company’score value proposition revolves around four pillars. It includes a large portfolio of simulation library, Analytics, a Flexible delivery model, and thought leadership training on future readiness. The company uses its analytics to generate behavioral data on employees within the organization in terms of their readiness for the digital future. “Our Flexible delivery model includes self paced learning either virtually or in classroom training. And finally, when it comes to future skills, we perform a lot of research and offer thought leadership as insights to our clients”, explains Rajiv.

At the core of what we are Doing through experiential Learning is providing an Opportunity for people to get a Safe environment where they Can apply their skills and learn Through analytics

KNOLSKAPE’s major solutions are Leading Now and Leading Next. When it comes to Leading Now, it offers fundamental skills for individual contributors and critical managerial skills for new and middle managers. There are separate courses to lead themselves, their teams, and their business to success. Leading Next helps users understand the new leadership practices necessary for the Digital Age.

Recently, KNOLSKAPE worked with Sony pictures on a program called pivot up. So pivot up was created to build digital crusaders within the organization. So they selected the top 15 percent of their entire leadership pipeline and provided digital skills. As a result, every digital effort initiated by the business can be embraced by this group and cascaded throughout the organisation. KNOLSKAPE also helped them build the required capability within this organization to undergo the digital transformation. The courses helped them improve their decision making skills.

In the future, the company is going to delve deeper into digital transformation. The company wants to be the preferred choice for innovative learning platforms. They also have plans to extend their global footprint in the US and UK. “Finally, we want to stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly looking at newer themes and topics that we can develop our products and help organizations become future- ready”, concludes Rajiv.