KNND Associates: Offering High-Quality Engineering based HVAC Contracting Solutions

Manjunath, Managing Director


Managing Director

India’s HVAC market is expected to cross $7 Billion by 2022. The growing infrastructure-based developments,technological advancements and increasing tourism are expected to positively influence India’s HVAC market over the next five years. Moreover,extreme climatic conditions, rising disposable income, growing construction activities in both commercial and residential sectors coupled with various government initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency are some of the other major factors expected to boost India HVAC market during the forecast period.Headquartered in Bangalore, KNND Associates was established in early 1996 by 5 bright minds, with a vision to offer high-quality engineering based HVAC contracting solutions.

With the world moving towards sustainable, energy efficient alternatives, it is imperative for the HVAC industry and System Integrators like KNND to constantly innovate. Keeping up with this, besides conventional air-conditioning solutions KNND offers innovative solutions like District Cooling, Adiabatic Cooling, Radiant Cooling, Heat recovery, Hot water generation and many more customized HVAC solutions.

KNND has rich experience in offering air-conditioning solutions managing directed business units including Residential Systems, Commercial Systems, Contracting Solutions, Fit-out Solutions, Energy & Retrofit Solutions and Aftermarket support.

Trust, Integrity, Excellence and Respect are some of the crucial ethics followed by KNND Associates that gives it an edge over its competitors

KNND’s Residential Systemsfacilitate homes with HVAC & R systems that are reliable, energy & cost efficient. These products are from the world’s leading brands,ensuring consistent temperature, humidity & air quality for the home. Commercial system provides sustainable air-conditioning solutions for light commercial and commercial buildings.While HVAC contracting endows with customized, design-built HVAC & R solutions offering the bestin-class technology and energy efficient smart solutions. KNND with in-house design capabilities and a vertically integrated business model offer HVAC Fit-out solutions that emphasize on high-profile commercial tenant fit-outs.

KNND’saftermarket support includes service to provide fast, worry-free resolutions to any HVAC problem from complete system failure to restoring optimal system performance. KNND Associates has also created a new vertical called Energy and Retrofit solutions which is capable of handling Energy Audits, determine Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) for optimizing the HVAC energy consumption that would deliver the required energy and cost savings. “An energy audit offers a chance to determine the customer’s HVAC & R system’s energy needs, examine system health & identify possible areas of concern. Our Guaranteed Energy savings model gives our customers the confidence to venture into energy-related retrofits,” adds Manjunath.

For over two decades, KNND Associates have led the way in HVAC quality and innovation. Trust, Integrity, Excellence and Respect are some of the crucial ethics followed by KNND Associates that gives it an edge over its competitors. “With heating and cooling systems destined to become smarter, we remain on the cutting edge of technology, applying the newest technological innovations to create more sustainable solutions.We represent iconic brands like Carrier& Toshiba.KNND Associates have remained as the top dealer for close to a decade till now and our one brand loyalty is a key element in the firm’s success,” speaks Manjunath. Further, KNND Associatesalso leverages various latest technologies such as BIM, Carrier HAP for heat load, MS projects, Vulcan software for Duct manufacturing, Automation in HR systems,Coud based ERP, Automation in managing service with ‘Carrier Inspira DMS software’.

With a work culture where creative thinking is encouraged and team rewarded. “We embed the relentless pursuit of our core values into everything we do, and we're committed to continually creating high-performance HVAC solutions with the durability and efficacy to exceed customer’s
expectations.Quality, Innovation, Performance, Customer Care, Responsibility and Business Ethics are our core values,” Says Manjunath, CEO, KNND Associates. Having worked with elite clients like CISCO, Hinduja Ecopolis, MfarManyata, Infosys, Google, Manipal, Ernst & Young, Oracle Financial Service, Club Mahindra Resorts, over the years KNND has enhanced its ability to offer tailored, innovative solutions with a clear and concise focus on Energy use reduction and sustainability.