KiwiQA: Building a Full Proof Foundation for Software & Product Development

Niranjan Limbachiya,Founder & CEO

Niranjan Limbachiya

Founder & CEO

A NASSCOM report released in 2013 estimates that the global outsourcing market for software testing will reach $50 billion in the year 2020, and India will account for around $15 billion of the $50 billion, making the country the largest beneficiary of the growth. Owing to this growth, testing is no longer seen as an independent process which was done before the software was released but has become more of an integral part for companies who design and develop software products. But now, with increasing technological challenges and the industry growing at a light speed pace, companies look for QA services providers who can walk hand-in-hand with them in every phase of their software development to deliver error free products. KiwiQA is one such company which has positioned itself as leading software QA and testing company providing latest technological QA solutions to its clients.

Innovative Service Offerings
Founded in 2009, KiwiQA delivers key services such as automation testing, load & performance
testing, security testing, mobility testing, manual testing, white box testing and setting up QA processes. The company adheres to continuous deployment process enabling customers to develop the features faster and go to market quickly. Its in-house innovative open source networks like the Selenium and JMETER designed for Java and C# cover testing for most of the Microsoft products and open source technology products, which makes KiwiQA services cost effective. Unlike big companies who charges license fee from the clients for in-house built frameworks, using an open source platform allows the company to charge its clients just for the services and not the framework.

KiwiQA has a very strong security testing team and are aggressively pursuing services including penetration testing, VAPT testing, security audit of the application, network testing

"We have a very strong security testing team and are aggressively pursuing services including penetration testing, VAPT testing, security audit of the application, network testing," says Niranjan Limbachiya, Founder & CEO, KiwiQA. The company is working closely on mobility testing and handset certifications as well where it has partnered with various
cloud based frameworks to be able to test the apps on various platforms without creating in-house products.

KiwiQA also provides traditional manual testing services and white box testing where it looks at the source codes and checks whether it meets the market standards or not. "We are just like strong foundation upon which you can build even complex software without any glitches," asserts Nirav.

Differentiating Factor
With almost 85 percent of its business coming from U.S., Australia and New Zealand, KiwiQA focuses on working with small and medium sized pure technology companies. Its unique pricing policy allows these SMEs to break the QA cost for a longer period of time adding to the cost-effective services that the company provides. Investing heavily on R&D on the new technologies to make its services advanced and provide regular update to clients is what differentiates the company from its competitors.

Being nichely focused on maintaining a lean organizational structure, KiwiQA provides an open work milieu to its employees to grow vertically and horizontally in their career. Intensive training of eight weeks, and regular meet-ups helps them develop new and innovation ideas. With a revenue growth of 70 percent year-on-year, the company now plans to focus more on Australia and New Zealand markets while continuing its partnerships in the U.S. for a sustainable growth of 25 percent every year.