Kite: Flying High in the Field of Business Expense Management

Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, Co-Founder and Director

Prabhtej Singh Bhatia

Co-Founder and Director

A few years back, it was really difficult for the Indian businesses of every possible vertical to keep a track on the employee's expenses. However, with technology and automation being the backbone of most businesses, it has transformed the way Travel and Entertainment spends are being managed. Today, the initiation of automated business expenses has entirely changed the overall setup, giving Indian businesses a chance to manage an employee’s expenditure, save tax, plan budgets on a single platform. As a constructive consequence of the intersection of technology and business expense management, India saw a rise in the number of business expense management solution providers. Started with the belief to take the nation into a completely new paradigm of the business expense management system, along with the prime services for millions of people around the country that don’t have access to basic financial opportunities and expose them to real world finance, Kite stepped into business in 2017.

Exhilarating Services
No transaction figures stay veiled due to the strong technology developed by Kite that gives realtime data of every transaction completed either by employees or any C-suite executive or even fleet drivers. “Our smart corporate cards come with customizable controls by which you can control and program any company policy, be it employee hierarchy, TA/TD allowance, expenditure categories, cost centers or any other business expense you want to take control of. The Kite autopilot is there to save your manual effort of investigation, as the autopilot alarms immediately if there is an
activity that infringes a company policy,” says Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, Co-Founder, and Director, Kite. The automation of expenses did not stay limited to providing only real time alerts for Kite’s clients as they have included automated receipts that use advanced optical character recognition technology and diminishes every problem of a normal receipt.

The Kite autopilot is there to save your manual effort of investigation, as the autopilot alarms immediately if there is an activity that infringes a company policy

Kite’s triumph did not stop only to regular business expense management solutions; they have integrated business travel management in their service inventory, where kite’s travel approval and invoice tool allows employees and managers of a company to book flights or hotels adhering to the company’s policies and budgets. Kite also provides GST saving solutions for every recognized transaction, which saves up to 28 percent cash outflow. Serving some of the paramount names like Radisson Blu, Mr Makhana, IB Group, Daawat The Finest Basmati, Simba, and V2, The Kite insights team assures secured transactions and forecasts on future cost patterns, links Kite to a company’s accounting or enterprise systems like Tally, SAP, QuickBooks, and Oracle, for seamless data flow from the very beginning.

The Appealing Food Card
Instrumental in saving taxes of employees through meal cards, Kite has added up ‘Kite Grub’,a foodie's master card, accepted by more than 20 lakh traders, which reduces the extra burden of expenditure and saves around INR 12,500 in tax for employees. Using the Kite Grub benefits for some time, Ekansh Babbar, Director, Rallison, says, “I have fallen in love with this card as I’m saving tax on every meal during the work hours.” Neeraj Panday, HR Head, Delhi Public School, is also using Kite Grub over for his teachers and staffs, who says, “The card has facilitated tax savings in big time and everyone at the school, including me, are happy.” Kite Grub firmly stays in line with the income tax regulations and companies opting for this card are endorsed with full control.“The other feature that makes Kite Grub so compatible than any other food card is that it has no expiration and you can utilize your unexploited funds in your next renewal,” says Prabhtej.

Internship and Future Plans
In an ambiance of learning and working at the peak of one’s ability, Kite caters an internship program for six months to the brightest minds of India on marketing, frontend development,android development, and all other newest cutting edge technology. With the endeavor to make the Indian economy more digital, better and transparent by guiding the youth and making new exciting technology, Kite is on the itinerary to become a supreme expense management solution providers.