Kellton Tech Solutions: Bolstering Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Karanjit Singh,CEOOne of the significant objectives of today's enterprises is to become digitally empowered. Cloud technology fuels digital disruption and aids businesses to accomplish digital transformation efficiently. However, the enterprises looking to adopt cloud technology need assistance of an innovative partner who has strong technical prowess in cloud technology and hands-on experience to deliver agile as well as future proof solutions to propel their digital transmutation. Being a pioneer in the digital technology realm, Hyderabad headquartered Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. comes to the fore with the skill sets required for the entire Digital Transformation of any enterprise. “Kellton Tech is a technology and platform agnostic company and we are born digital. We are well-versed with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure , IBM Blumix , SAP Cloud, Software AG cloud and other cloud solutions in addition to services ranging from SAAS, PAAS, IAAS and FAAS, Private & Public cloud,” unveils Karanjit Singh, CEO of Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. The company
offers a portfolio of ervices, Architecture Services, Migration services and Hybrid cloud services etc. It has been rewarded with Cisco-CNBC Digitizing India Award and it ranked at 19th in 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and 193rd in Fast 500 Asia-Pacific.

Kellton Tech has been rewarded with Cisco-CNBC Digitizing India Award and it ranked at 19th in 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and 193rd in Fast 500 Asia-Pacific

In the realm of Business Analytics, Kellton Tech offers multiple services like Enterprise Information Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Business Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance Analytics, Customer Analytics Data as a service, Data Warehousing, BI Consulting and Information Life cycle Management etc. The company succors its clients to make their business processes more efficient and agile by optimizing cloud services such as Business Process as a Service, Software as a Service and other cloud technologies.

Kellton Tech designs architectures according to its clients' specific
needs. With the help of its technical adroitness and Design Framework, the company delivers optimal as well as cost-effective solutions with good features. It provides multiple architecture services such as defining roadmaps for complete digital transformation and identifying specific trains for digital transformation journey. “We architect components for the Digital transformation trains using various open source, commercial off-the-shelf and cloud based solutions while considering cost, time to market, scalability and availability, maintainability, future proofing and agility etc,” shares Karanjit Singh.

When it comes to migration services, the company provides various migration as well as modernization services including COTS (Commercial Off-the-shelf) to Open source technology migration, Migration to SAP S4 HANA from other solutions, Migration from one platform to other platform, modernization in the existing solution, migration from native solutions to cloud solution etc. Besides migration services, the company has expertise in public and private cloud and to combine on-premise assets and cloud based services.

Kellton Tech continuously invests in research and development using new age technologies. It envisages being the foremost global enabler of digital transformation in the realm of IoT, machine-learning and artificial intelligence.