JM Financial Services: Rising Tech Maestro in the Financial Services Sector

 Gagan Singla,   Managing Director

Gagan Singla

Managing Director

The financial services market has gained immense popularity in the last few years owing to the rise in the number of people taking part in trading activities. Due to technology innovations, the number of people opening Demat accounts have increased and this is one of the reasons why the global financial services market is expected to grow from $23,319.52 billion in 2021 to $25,839.35 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8 percent. This means more disposable and investible income in the hands of today's audience. They require hand holding when it comes to handling their money. JM Financial Services does exactly that helps them meet their financial aspirations by demystifying the art of investing and make it a way of life rather.

JM Financial is one of the first firms in India to have started the Investment Banking practice and led the underwriting and listing of many of today's Bluechip Technology firms. "It is safe to say that ever since its inception in 1973, JM Financial Services has transformed itself into an agile, tech driven firm and an established finTech".

Leveraging Tech to the Best
JM Financial Services is known to offer end-to-end investment services to their clients which could range from a simple equity trading to structured finance and family office. "We strongly believe JM is poised to
be that by leveraging its tech-driven platforms, multidimensional products and industry experience in providing a hyper personalized experience to the Young India in their money management".

JM Financial Services believes that tech is the way forward and is the key to make life simpler

JM is currently focussed in making the user engagement richer and their experience worthwhile. As part of their current project, activities at the firm are centered around new-gen consumers, offering services like pay as you go, pocket sized portfolios that makes it easier for the millennials to use. While their work has scaled up ever since they adopted Google Cloud and started work towards Google Data Platforms, they are also working on Tensor Flow to aid their client engagement, Dialog flow to aid customer conversations and MixPanel to improve user retention.

Amidst all the great things, JM Financial Services believes in constantly upgrading and improving to give its clients the best technology. Post pandemic, the demands of the audience has shifted too. "We leverage our asymmetrical product mix clubbed with technology to meet our customers' requirements. JM's experience in Equity, Structured and Debt Markets come into play here. This is something that we want to capitalize on, and reach out to bigger audience".

The Path Ahead
JM Financial Services believes that tech is the way forward and is the key to make life simpler. Currently, they are running a fintech accelerator program which will open the pathway for startups to establish themselves in the long run. Apart from that, they plan to transform themselves into a consumer internet company that is user friendly as well as provides user friendly, innovative and simple money planning products.