ITK Education Services: Assisting Businesses Automate Seamlessly with Zoho Ecosystem

Dr. Joseph Manickaraj, Founder & MDThe spurt of cloud automation requirements has increased rapidly due to the urgency of connectivity needed by companies with their flock during the pandemic. 2020 brought new possibilities, companies who were earlier hesitant about cloud adoption became more responsive to automation due to the affordable and technical capabilities of the Zoho platform. Chennai-based ITK Education Services was able to help many academic institutions, individuals, small businesses and large enterprises benefit from Zoho’s cloud automation mandates across India and other parts of the world.

“We started out in 2016 as Zoho Authorized Partner catering to niche services that included training to UG students on Creator low-code app building and software automation to SMEs. By 2020, we saw many new partners being included by Zoho and it correlated with the digital transformation need, urgency, and frenzy shown by SMEs across the world during and post-COVID pandemic”, says Dr. Joseph Manickaraj, Founder and MD, ITK Education Services.

Owing to its technical expertise in Zoho’s range of products, ITK Education continued offering its services in building web mobile cloud apps for customers in diverse industry verticals. It helped academic institutions connect with their students in the delivery of the various programs, conducted many Faculty Development Programs and Seminars/ Webinars/Coding Contests for students to help the fraternity stay skilled &
connected and rolled out a lot of pre-built apps that were put to use by many individuals and companies at very affordable prices.

“As one of our USPs, we ensured that all our clients are on-board with what they can expect from an idea of an app to actually see it working as an app on the Creator platform. We developed the POC (proofof concept) beta apps free of cost so that the customers could take a discerned approach to their digital transformation”, adds Sowmya Joseph, Director of Operations, ITK Education Services.

The company has seen steady growth and success in the number of product subscriptions being sold for its pre-built ERP products such as ACEMA Edu ERP, AutoCRM and the number of Zoho product licenses such as Books, Zoho One, Creator, and CRM which are important attributes as Zoho’s Authorized Partner.

Niche Solutions for Varied Industries
ITK offers its niche services in 3 main areas that include Customized cloud automation solutions on the Zoho platform for diverse verticals, Pre-built Cloud ERP solutions for Education (ACEMA Edu ERP), and Automobile Sectors (AutoCRM) that are built on the Zoho platform and Certification training programs on Zoho Creator, AutoCRM and Quick Heal Cyber Security to college/school students and working professionals.

The company currently has a clientele across the globe and it comprises Manufacturers, Traders, Resellers, Service Providers, Healthcare, Agro, Hospitality, Entertainment, Real Estate, and more. ITK stitches in various functional features of the Zoho platform in the Custom Applications built for clients and the clients truly enjoy the discovery, visibility, and transparency of data across different processes, experience the ease of dashboard analytics and reports, and achieve seamless integration and connectivity between multiple data and touch points specific to each of their business ecosystems.

Currently, ITK is working closely with many apex industrial organizations such as the MSME DI in Chennai for the welfare and growth of the MSMEs in terms of affordable automation using the Zoho platform and with Don Bosco Institutions in India and Sri Lanka offering various training programs to underprivileged students and Cyber security implementations on Quick Heal products for Institutions and organizations. “We are completely boot-strapped since inception and would like to progress strength on strength building our revenues for growth. We are currently working on multiple pre-built app roll-outs and custom app building for new target markets and audiences. Also aligning to our mission and vision, we will continue to impact students, individuals, and companies in their digital transformation goals”, concludes Dr. Joseph.