ITH Technologies: Partnering with Enterprises to Deliver Futuristic Technology Solutions

Gaurav Dubey,CEOCompanies utilizing BI driven insights have become more pronounced with every organization’s demand to make data-driven decisions. Data is rapidly growing with the increased need to analyze it and translate it into actionable insights. Today, businesses are leveraging various platforms to interact with their targeted customers. The emergence of social media and innovative marketing tools has reinvented the way customers are being reached. Designing a product based on the hoards of data accumulated and handling the surge in traffic post the product release could lead to potential disaster if not designed and managed efficiently. Even large-scale enterprises have been brought down to their knees for underestimating the online traffic and being ill-equipped to overcome the challenge encountered. ITH Technologies, headquartered in the Kanpur City of Uttar Pradesh, dives deep into the data and designs the most strategically productive and futuristic business model accordingly. Post an extensive research, the product is positioned in tandem with the BI report and data traces of the consumer’s online browsing patterns and the product is released. The company does not just provide a technological solution but determines the capacity of the technological solution based on the BI study of the marketing and positioning of the product.

The uniqueness of ITH Technologies lies in their approach and decision of not dealing in a traditional client service model but to propose astake in the company. “What we do
is we propose a stake in the company and give away the technological service for free as a part of our contribution on the board,” reveals Gaurav Dubey, CEO, ITH Technologies.

The uniqueness of ITH Technologies lies in their approach and decision of not dealing in a traditional client service model but to propose a stake in the company

Delving Deeper into the Company’s Offerings

The company is closely working with three organizations that have been ranked among the top ten thousand in the Alexa ranking; one of the companies being a Hong Kong based online advertising company and while the other two companies deal in crypto currency based in UK. Constantly delivering robust and innovative solutions, ITH technologies with its highly skilled technical team engineered a solution for the aforementioned advertising company based on the online traces of user behavior where it was observed that a majority of the users largely focused on exploring the ‘work from home’ space. A solution was created where the search was redirected to the main marketing platform thereby attracting immense traffic. The company was well equipped with the desirable infrastructure and best relational technologies to assess and handle the swell in traffic. “The growth stacks were bigger than Facebook for the first 53 days as per Alexa grading and the website never went down till date, which is almost two and a half years of operations,” affirms Gaurav.

In addition, the company proffers a broad range of cloud services with competency in AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services niche. “We have our own rack of servers where we test basic deployments at an
in-house level and then take the solution to cloud,” declares Gaurav. The solution being scalable and adaptable facilitates the seamless migration from cloud to a regular stack of locally hosted servers if required.

Making imminent progress in this sector, the company believes in contributing to the society where the team is constantly engaged with a gamut of colleges promoting budding talent via their entrepreneurship summits and programs on a monthly basis at no cost. In conjunction with acquiring global talents, ITH Technologies is either buying out companies or major stakes of enterprises that are engaged in Blockchain technologies and Robotics. The company’s recent acquisitions are BlockGen Corporation in USA, a major stake holding in Everex One Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and are the chief on board with 49 percent stakes in CoinCrypto Ltd. in UK. Additionally, the company intends to establish a fully featured robotics lab in Kanpur by the end of July. ITH technologies will continue to endeavor to be the global market leaders in the BlockChain space in the next two years.

Offering a Highly Secure Blockchain Based Solution

A well renowned company of 500,000 users approached ITH Technologies to remedy their struggle with the micro-transactions happening on its platform. The highly adept team designed an ethereum blockchain based smart contract token system with the capability to handle any number of micro-transactions at its own level. Only a handful of the big industry players have ventured into the blockchain based solution and ITH Technologies in league with the big players successfully deployed a similar solution. This one of a kind turnkey solution boasted of not falling prey to any hack event despite varied attempts. This achievement of seamless transactions for the banking systems was considered one of the biggest achievements and the solution was deployed at a fairly economical cost as well.