Smart3 Solutions: IoT Solution Provider with Primary Focus On Security, E- Surveillance & Video Analytics

Uday Shankar,CEOIn the recent times when the world has witnessed humanity stooping to its lowest, the fear is especially riding high for parents of school going children.According to a recent report by Indian National Human Resource, 40,000 children are abducted each year with almost 11,000 to be never found again. Citing this alarming situation, Smart3 Solutions developed a Smart Tracking Card under Smart3 School suite equipped with practical and personal GPS tracking system, SOS alarm, built-in high sensitivity GPS tracking chip and antenna especially designed for child safety and anti-child-tracking. The device not just helps fast and precise locating of children, but is also loaded with two-way communication, mobile asset tracking, and location-based services that runs on both web and mobile apps for Android.

Riding the IoT Wave
Smart3 was founded in 2008 by Uday Shankar (CEO) as Ennovasys that initially operated under the software services model. But by 2013, the company pivoted to being an integrated IoT
solution provider. Overcoming the initial glitches, the company now has developed world class IoT solutions comprising of Smart3 e-Surveillance (arming banks with advanced security and remote monitoring using video surveillance of their ATM assets) with Video Analytics, and Smart Security for Schools Smart3 Schools (solution to ensure safety and security of school students while also helping schools automate their business process like Attendance Management, integration with existing school ERP software and others), which were part of the new wave in computing called Edge Computing wherein intelligence is pushed to edge devices and the cloud is used only on an as needed basis. Its Smart3 Logistics solution loaded with features like Live Location, Route Path Information, Fuel Variation, Speed Variation and others help not just track vehicles on real time but also enables the entire fleet management at your fingertips.

Smart3 not just builds the software but even the hardware, thus offering an integrated solution to its customers

But there are several companies providing similar solutions. So what differentiates Smart3 then? Smart3 brings not one but four distinguishing features that make it stand par ahead of the competition.
The company not just builds the software but even the hardware, thus offering an integrated solution to its customers. The solutions are tested and validated in the market and the intelligence is built in the edge. “We provide complete solution rather than pocketing from others. This provides us complete control over all hardware and the product even becomes cost effective,” adds Uday. Additionally, any data generated from the solution is encrypted, which prevents any unauthorised access and/or use of data, thus ensuring better security.

Ensuring Bright Future with Best Skills
Smart3 team is passionate about what they do and takes complete ownership of their work. “Our company has always had an excellent work culture where meritocracy rules and team members are recognized,” explains Uday. With such motivated team, Smart3 has huge plans to stride high in the near future. It is partnering with some ATM manufacturers to take its Smart3 Surveillance to Pan India ATMs and then extend to Asian and European markets. The company looks to spread its footprints in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai markets as well. “We are at the right junction to capture the growing IoT market as all our solutions can make lot of decisions at the edge and doesn’t require to go to the server. Going forward, we aim to be the largest IoT player in India,” concludes Uday. And to do so, the company now looks for external funding.