MachinePulse: Fixing the New Destination of Industrial IoT in Renewable Energy Sector

The increased amount of research and experiments with renewable energy industry denote that the segment has finally realized the value of data. The industry focus is shifting from prevention to prediction and subsequently prescription. However, knocking different doors for availing services starting from deployment to management and monitoring is a pain-point

Our ability to provide remote monitoring solutions coupled with analytics with the help of our domain experts differentiates us from the traditional SCADA providers

But imagine a recipe – a proportional amalgamation of solar PV & wind farm turnkey project expertise on a smarter industrial Internet of Things (IoT) plinth. This is intrinsically the secret recipe of success for a Mumbai-based entity - MachinePulse. The company is currently managing the portfolio size of 500+ MW in solar and 450+ MW in wind space. MachinePulse’s services range from asset management (solar PV and wind farm) to optimized O&M and remote monitoring along with value added services including in-depth analytics, plant performance predictions, generation forecasting, maintenance & document management, workflow automation and others.

Basant Jain, CEO, MachinePulse, proudly asserts, “We do not integrate technology from other providers, but own the end-to-end stack”. As a division of Mahindra
Basant Jain,CEOSusten, a leading Solar EPC services company/contractor in India (Mahindra Group), Machine Pulse commenced developing solutions in early 2013. Backed by the strong expertise of Mahindra Susten, the company launched in to the Solar PV monitoring domain and are now expanding across other verticals in Industrial IoT.

Putting the Signature
Each coming with a rich experience in their respective fields, the company has built a 75 people strong team comprising of data scientists, programmers, and hardware & network specialists. The team has built state-of-the-art technology solutions which support rapid scale up and ensure security of customer assets. “Our ability to provide remote monitoring solutions coupled with analytics with the help of our domain experts differentiates us from the traditional SCADA providers,” Basant adds.

Leveraging its in-house data acquisition hardware like ice BoxTM, Node X1TM and MACXTM, MachinePulse collects data from assets deployed at client’s premises, pushes the data into its proprietary & highly secured cloud platform, ERIXISTM. This
data is then fed into its domain specific applications Solar Pulse TM and Wind PulseTM.

In addition to pure play monitoring, the solutions incorporate predictive analytics capabilities, generation forecasting, optimized O&M and complete portfolio management, which help the asset owners improve their ROI and ensure that plant performance is maximized over the life cycle. The company recently completed the fourth iteration of SolarPulseTM, which is developed completely on a cutting edge technology stack.

“We deliver intelligence with simplicity,” Basant adjoins with a confident smile on his face. Besides Solar PulseTM, the company has built a dedicated solution to cater to the wind energy space – Wind PulseTM, an advanced analytics solution that predicts generation, equipment health and helps efficiently manage wind farms. MachinePulse is all set to launch another comprehensive IoT solution – FactoryPulseTM to cater to factories.

Time to Expand
MachinePulse has built a prestigious ecosystem of clients that comprises of some big names such as Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Chemtrols, ILFS and Renew Power to name a few. Going forward, the organization is also looking at international expansion in South East Asia. MachinePulse is also looking forward to explore B2C space in addition to its current B2B market spread. “We want to establish ourselves as an Indian technology brand delivering best in class products,” concludes Basant.