Ideabytes: Accelerating Business Growth & Operational Efficiency

George  P.Kongalath,CEO,Ideabytes

George P.Kongalath


IoT delivers alchemy to Corporate IT solutions as CEOs seek to increase the benefits of a powerful IT infrastructure and reduce the IT budget significantly. For a minimal CAPEX and an almost immediate ROI, IoT transforms the corporate inanimate to a well - articulated machinery, thanks to a plethora of sensors that automatically communicate to a central infrastructure through the cloud, giving the world a glimpse into one of numerous benefits of IoT.

A very good example of IoT adoption is in the transportation industry, which is a departure from the tried and true manual methodology to IoT automation. In the space of Dangerous Goods / HAZARDOUS MATERIAL (DG/HAZMAT) management, Ideabytes, transformed the complex legalese of DG/HAZMAT regulations into a simple interface, for Drivers and Shipping Dock workers, with IoT cloud based applications accessible on any browser based device.

In 2014, the company created the first prototype DGSMS® and has since processed more than two million DG/HAZMAT loads across its solution offerings. The pilots for these solutions were deployed to a sceptical audience. However,
100 percent compliance and ROI less than 30 days after deployment transformed the sceptics into believers. Ideabytes offerings include DGMobi(T), DGDOX(T), DGVFF(T) that cater to Air, Sea and Road compliance to DG/HAZMAT transportation regulations. Integrating seamlessly with EDI, ERP systems like SAP and leveraging the QR Code to transfer information to any application via a smart phone (ScIoTy(T)) extoll the value of IoT.

Ideabytes is active in providing solutions at the city, municipal and rural level, by pioneering pilot projects such as smart waste management, smart environment and disaster recovery for various Govts.

Considering the Indian market’s cost conscious nature, Ideabytes visualizes being an economically viable solution provider without compromising on quality

The ability to deliver such solutions is anchored in an experienced workforce that has vision and the courage to take on projects never been done before. At the Smart Cities Symposium hosted by Ideabytes in Hyderabad in 2016, which was attended by speakers and participants from Japan, Canada, U.S., UAE, Govt. of Telangana, Govt. of A.P, Govt of India, Corporates, and solution providers, Ideabytes presented concept of the IoT based CashierLess store which in a nutshell marries online shopping with brick and mortar but
with brick and mortar but without the hassle of line up at the checkout counter.

Established in 2009, Ideabytes has forged a reputation for delivering solutions that increase efficiencies by at least 30 percent, which is a corner-stone tenet of the IoT sector. In addition to building solutions for transportation sector, Ideabytes offers Model Based

Testing, fine tunes IoT enabled products, synchronizes industrial processes and caters to Media, and government aided projects of Smart Cities. QezyMedia (an Ideabytes venture) incorporates the live and VOD solutions for broadcasters based on a revolutionary cloud based smart stream technology.

“Today Indian television companies normally have to broadcast via a signalling satellite, the cost of which ranges from around Rs.10 lac to Rs.1 crore. But with the use our IoT based solution, the cost is drastically reduced to Rs.2.5 lac and even further expanding their reach to every corner of the world,” says Srinivas Reddy Katta, Managing Director, Ideabytes.

Considering the global need to maximize profitability, Ideabytes visualizes itself as being an efficiency driven solution provider without compromising on quality and delivery schedules. The goal is to provide products and services, unique to the industry where every customer experiences at least 30 percent savings. Going further, Ideabytes is looking to collaborate with established companies and financiers to expand its footprint globally.