Deligence Technologies: Connecting the Unconnected for Better Future

Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT), today we can see inanimate objects with sensibilities to carry out tasks that were once solely limited to humans. With such uniqueness of the segment, it comes off as no surprise that the Global IoT market reached $598.2 billion in 2015 with further expectations of reaching upto $724.2 billion by 2023.

Deligence Technologies gives its clients the ammo to choose the provider for their next work

For Sanjay Kumar and Nidhi Aggarwal (Founders), what gave birth to the idea of Deligence Technologies was not the attraction towards the growing market figures but to work upon a vision that would provide a platform to the team members where they can do what they want and a partner to the clients whom they can trust.Gathering experience over the years, Sanjay reveals that, “Having worked with different organizations for 10 years, I found that this vision was absent in most of them”. With strong work ethics and motives, Deligence Technologies proffers IoT solutions to almost all industrial fields with the aid of technologies namely, Raspberry Pi and Ardiuno. It also assists in services like web development, app development, search engine optimization, embedded software and so on.

Since its inception in 2014, Deligence Technologies has dipped
Sanjay Kumar,CEO,Deligence Technologies

Sanjay Kumar

CEO,Deligence Technologies

its toes in the IOT lake and formulated solutions that would connect not only people with devices but would also act as a connecting platform between devices as well. For instance, the company undertook a project in which it aimed to light the bulb from remote location which employed the use of one Raspberry Pi interfacing with 12 bulbs using three relay modules with low level trigger. The relay could be triggered from anywhere in the world using a website that comprised of 16 GUI Button. As a result, in each trigger of relay, the corresponding bulb or a group of bulbs would glow.

Catering to consulting companies and end users, the company makes sure that with its expansive offering, the consulting companies can garner more clients and the end users can enhance their daily life by using its IoT products. When it comes to service provision, the company analyzes the client’s requirement and after an exhaustive session of question and answer, it imbibes the
requirement and if need be, suggests countless ways to achieve the product goal. Once the provision is finalized, the company sends across its estimates which, most of the time, is justifiable.

Empowering Clients & Employees

The company believes in absolute client freedom, hence creates its products on Open Source. As per Sanjay, ‘Open Source means Freedom’. This enables the clients to have access to the source code of the final product and have the liberty to accommodate changes and make enhancements at free will without having to approach the provider and pay additionally for the same. Deligence Technologies gives its clients the ammo to choose the provider for their next work.

Not just the clients, but the company empowers its employees too to take complete ownership of the project. The project managers are the owners of the respective projects they work on and directly interact with clients regarding their products, thus enhancing client communication. With such flexibility and assurance, it is not difficult to assume that Deligence Technologies proudly boasts of a clientele spanning across 30 different countries. Working without a pause seems to be an attribute of Deligence Technologies as its future is laced with some product ideas along the line of its service provision. It plans on adopting other micro-controllers and work on its upcoming product ideas this year.