Intech Systems: Leading Digital Transformation through Microsoft Solutions

 Deval Parikh, MD,   Anuja Parikh, CEO

Deval Parikh, MD

Anuja Parikh, CEO

The landscape of Microsoft Partners globally is continuously evolving driven by a focus on cloud services, digital transformation, and AI technologies. Through Microsoft's efforts to educate and support partners, the ecosystem is advancing to meet the increasing demand for business solutions. As businesses continue to embrace cloud technology and AI as a priority, Microsoft Partners are well positioned to play a role in shaping the future of technology adoption and digital transformation.

Intech Systems, founded in 1978, emerged as the first IT company in Gujarat, laying the foundation for a remarkable 45-year legacy. At present, it proudly stands among the top-tier, ranking within the leading five percent of partners in the Microsoft partner ecosystem worldwide. Intech has evolved into a recognized digital transformation expert and a prominent three-cloud Microsoft partner offering Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

Intech is a 'Business Process First, Technology Second' company, well-equipped to solve complex organizational challenges, whether it is process reengineering, AI-enabled innovation, cloud adoption, or customer relationship management. Its approach extends to enabling 360-degree digital transformation across the supply chain, marketing, sales, finances, and more, ensuring organizations become agile and scalable, thus future-proofing itself.

Revolutionizing Business Processes with Technology

Intech Systems specializes in delivering end-to-end implementation, development, and support services exclusively for Microsoft solutions. The portfolio includes a range of ISV solutions tailored for various industries, including manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. The company’s 'Manufacturing Central' solution optimizes inventory, sales, quality control, and plant maintenance, while 'Field Force Automation’addresses challenges in pharmaceutical and healthcare field sales.
Additionally, its 'Dealer Management System' empowers industries like manufacturing, FMCG, automotive, retail, distribution, and healthcare to gain sales visibility and manage their dealer operations across various vendor channels. With 55+ certified cloud business apps available on Appsource, Intech is building on the core competencies of Microsoft technologies and enhancing its capabilities to ensure customers derive maximum benefit from their investment.

Intech distinguishes itself in cloud solutions with a vast array of Microsoft certifications, showcasing its dedication to cutting-edge technology. With a team of over 300+ Microsoft-certified experts and offices in five locations across the globe, the company delivers tailored solutions across diverse industries. Intech is a recognized 'Solutions Partner' for Business Applications, Digital and App Innovation, Data and AI, Azure Infrastructure, and Modern Work.

In addition, the company has obtained the advanced specialization, 'Specialization - Small and Midsize Business Management'. These badges serve as a testament to their profound expertise, spanning a wide spectrum from large enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, to small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Anuja Parikh, CEO

Intech's tagline, 'Business Raised to the Power of Digital', signifies that businesses today need an exponential lift that only digital can provide. This reiterates Intech's promise to pave a path for its customers' digital transformation journeys and illustrates its focus on customers' business needs to drive growth and profitability.

Intech has designed three fixed price, fixed-scope, rapid Business Central implementation packages - Lite, Delight, and Elite - catering specifically to SMB manufacturers globally. These SMB solutions offer scalability, and affordability, allowing organizations to go live with Business Central in just 4–10 weeks while staying budget friendly compared to typical industry implementation times.

Intech is steering towards a future where cloud, AI, and data analytics play pivotal roles in transforming businesses globally. “Intech and Microsoft are jointly empowering businesses with cloud technologies, lowering the cost of adaptability, and increasing business agility to help businesses stay current", says Anuja Parikh, CEO of Intech Systems. By focusing on innovation, differentiation, and strategic investments, Intech aims to catalyze digital transformation across operation centric industries.

“The trifecta of business processes, data, and the cloud forms the foundation for a successful AI deployment. These three are the precursors to a good AI deployment and embracing the latest and the greatest AI technologies will chart our course into the future, and we stand ready at the forefront with cutting-edge solutions", adds Deval Parikh, Intech’s Managing Director.