Infonet Comm Enterprises: Offering Highspeed Internet to Underserved Areas

 Ravikumar Chinnusamy,   Managing Director

Ravikumar Chinnusamy

Managing Director

When Computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn invented the internet in the early 1960s, little did they know that their invention would someday become the heartbeat of the human race. The reason for this is extent to which the internet is penetrated in our day-to-day lives. In the last few decades, the internet technology has undergone a sea of changes right from rolling-out of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G to the Optic Fibre Cable networks. This phenomenon is witnesses worldwide, and Indian is not an exclusion either. Being the world’s second most populated country, the subcontinent is home to a massive number of smartphone and internet users across both urban and rural areas.

Although the internet penetration in rural areas is still a minor concern in India, the situation seems to be improving in recent the reason being the emergence of new age internet service providers, who, through their rigorous R&D efforts are connecting every nook & corner of the country via the internet. The entrance of Reliance Jio into the market domain further fuelled the internet penetration in India due to the ISPs offering highly attractive internet plans at competitive prices. As of September 2021, there were 821 ISPs in India offering broadband and narrow band services.

Infonet Comm Enterprises Pvt Limited is a Namakkal (Tamil Nadu) based internet service provider offering internet connection even in the remotest of the places. “We connect the customer locations where others are not able to connect. We are aligned with
our Government’s vision on financial inclusion, and ensure every corner in the state should get access to quality Internet. Honestly, high speed or uninterrupted Internet is available only at urban areas, and rural areas are still struggling to get high speed internet. We address this gap by offering people in such areas high quality internet connectivity. In fact, many of the hill locations are covered by us”, says Ravikumar Chinnusamy – MD.

Customer Centricity – Paramount
An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, Infonet Comm Enterprises was founded in 2005 to ‘close the digital divide between the served and underserved areas, be it urban cities or the rural villages’, which is the mission of the company. This has been made possible by offering internet connectivity through wireless (RF) means, thus ensuring uninterrupted internet connection to the users. “We have connected 20,000+ homes and businesses today. Our gamut of services address all kinds of customer groups, individuals, small businesses, corporates, institutions and governments. According to an internal survey, seven out of 10 customers using Infonet Comm Enterprises has seen exponential grown in terms of business growth and technology advancement”, claims Ravikumar.

We are aligned with our Government’s vision on financial inclusion, and ensure every corner in the state should get access to quality Internet

Infonet Comm Enterprises mainly offers three subscription packages – Dedicated Smart Internet, Smart Home Internet Plan and Movie Internet Plan. Additionally, Infonet Comm Enterprises also has its own in-house R&D team which develops solutions for enterprises as well. Citing one of the customer, Mr. Ravikumar Chinnusamy - MD explains, “Post COVID, one of our prestigious client wanted a solution where they wanted to implement a fool proof/ secured attendance system, but not through legacy Biometric attendance. We have delivered a solution, where it is contact less system, and it scans your palm & face in two meter distance, with which customer was very much happy. We have also been opted Tamil Nadu government for offering internet connectivity to 5900+ schools, which was a turnkey project for us. Every day, over 200,000 students are using our internet services for their online classes”.

Explaining about the future roadmap, Ravikumar concludes, “We are now working with other states for implementing the same Govt. school project, which we have done here in Tamil Nadu. Also, we would spread our wings by taking PM WANI Project across the country”.