Infobyd Software Solutions: Empowering Individuals & Businesses

 Alok Ranjan,   Co-Founder & Director

Alok Ranjan

Co-Founder & Director

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancements, the continual need for software developers to update their skills and tools poses a challenge that can significantly elevate development costs. Hiring and retaining skilled professionals becomes a substantial expense, particularly in fiercely competitive markets, ultimately impacting the overall costs of software development.

To overcome these challenges and achieve cost-effective software development, organizations strategically focus on optimizing processes, leveraging open-source technologies, adopting agile methodologies, and investing in automation practices to streamline development and deployment. The hurdles associated with cost-effective software development are substantial in the contemporary era. According to industry reports, around 60-70 percent of IT projects exceed their budget, and cost overruns in software development are not uncommon.

In addition, a significant portion of software development costs is attributed to maintenance and ongoing support rather than initial development. Furthermore, the need for robust security measures adds to the overall cost, given the increasing prev alence of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Emerging as a beacon of innovation and empowerment is Indore-based Infobyd Software Solutions, specializing as a Zoho Partner. Transitioning to a Zoho Premium partner and a product-based enterprise, Infobyd’s essence lies in its technological prowess and the social impact it brings.

Founded in 2016, Infobyd is Central India’s first and only cloud service provider, boasting
a proven track record of experience in the IT industry. Operating in the U.S., South Africa, Canada, and Australia, Infobyd strategically leverages its location-based cost advantage. Its expertise includes Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho One, Zoho Books, Zoho Payroll, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Marketing Automation, Campaign, and other Zoho services such as Zoho implementation and Zoho consultation.

“Our emphasis on quality over quantity is our defining feature for the service philosophy, consciously prioritizing delivering impactful solutions over merely focusing on client acquisition”, says Alok Ranjan, Director and Co-Founder at Infobyd Software Solutions. Recognized as a Digital India registered entity and a SkillUp India affiliate, Infobyd's accolades underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and its contribution to skill development initiatives.

Infobyd introduces QAPreneur, an online Software Testing Learning application offering a range of courses and learning materials, ISTQB Certification, E-Certificate, and job assistance. With features such as flashcards, video tutorials, mock tests, and quizzes, QAPreneur aims to enhance students’ proficiency in their QA careers. In addition, Infobyd is set to launch the Ajukation App - a comprehensive learning companion catering to students in grades 8th to 12th, providing an all-encompassing, interactive educational experience across subjects.

Infobyd Software Solutions can comprehend various industries’ requirements & operational procedures, providing appropriate consulting services

Leading the diverse and dynamic team at Infobyd are key individuals like Alok Ranjan, who oversee the organization’s overall functioning. As Chief Operating Officer, Vaishali Wankhede is responsible for managing the company’s growth, addressing industry changes, and setting strategic priorities. In his role as Customer Success Manager, Devansh Sharma ensures effective communication with stakeholders and meets objectives within designated timelines and budget constraints. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Nidhi Shukla drives the company’s growth by creating and implementing impactful marketing strategies. Himanshi Dixit, the Project Coordinator, is tasked with ensuring the successful execution of projects by organizing and managing key components.

Operating in Australia, the United States, and South Africa, Infobyd is increasingly focused on broadening its global reach. Infobyd Software Solutions stands as a Zoho partner and a catalyst for change, eampowering individuals and businesses to navigate the ever-evolving information technology landscape with finesse and resilience. Infobyd consciously prioritizes delivering impactful solutions rather than merely focusing on client acquisition.