Indian Cyber Security Solutions: Helping Enterprises and Society With Penetrative and Thorough Cybersecurity Solutions

Abhishek Mitra,  CEO & Managing Director

Abhishek Mitra

CEO & Managing Director

While digital transformation is an inevitable part of technology, it has however, come with its share of malicious cybercrimes. From personal data, finances to critical business information everything is meshed into the digital world and internet which has made the issue of cybersecurity very important.

Cybercrimes have sprouted in manifolds with a wide gamut of cybercrimes like privacy invasion, malicious attacks, frauds and other unethical breaches. The digital revolution has mandated the need of cybersecurity which protects enterprises and people from cybercriminals and hackers, thus securing the economy of an entire nation.

Founded to address this very concern is Indian Cyber Security Solutions( ICSS), a company which provides an array of solutions to clients and protects them from the manifold cyber-attacks they are exposed to in their day-to-day activities. The company assures an all-round shield against data theft, security breaches, hacking, network vulnerability, virus attacks, system compromise, frauds, etc. through its expertise solution package of cyber security audit & assurance, IT service management, information security, and business technology advisory.

It has designed and devised a plethora of cyber security solution services taking into account the needs of the hour in the present context. According to Abhishek Mitra, Founder and CEO, “Our product, SAVE -
Secured AI-based Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Enterprise is a security product for enterprise. We specialise in providing technical based solutions in the field of cyber security to companies both private and government agencies. We help companies to focus on real technical problems by undergoing VA-PT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) where we mimic the real-life hacking scenario to find the vulnerabilities in systems. We also have an educational wing providing technical education to students and corporate.”

ICSS was conceptualised in the year 2014 when there was a huge influx of students wanting to learn about ethical hacking. To cater to this significant demand, ICSS started organizing different seminars and after the inception of the company in 2016, the company was invited by IITians like IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras for workshop in cybersecurity. With time, ICSS started focusing on providing services to Government agencies as well as private companies and have worked with industry heavyweights like Titan India, Qatar Development Bank et al. This apart, ICSS works with many software and healthcare companies who want to keep its customer information safe and go for compliances and audits. ICSS attends to those needs by providing audits and cybersecurity by strictly auditing the organisations, recognising the loopholes and reporting them consequently after which a second round of auditing is further performed.

ICSS provides education in cyber security with a strong focus on research and development that has resulted in the production of many important applications which have proved to be helpful to the common people

ICSS provides education in cyber security with a strong focus on research and development that has resulted in the production of many important applications which have proved to be helpful to the common people. ICSS training & development provides training on Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking), IOT, Cloud Computing (AWS/ Azure), Machine Learning, Python Programming, CCNA (networking), BlockChain and on upcoming technologies where cyber security plays a vital role. ICSS R&D division heavily relies on the training division as young and dynamic students, fearlessly innovate and excel which ultimately helps ICSS to build a strong technical team ready to accept any challenges.

In the future, ICSS wants to help the startup India initiative by the Indian Government. It will carry on provisioning solutions to enterprises as well as have a robust CSR activity in place to help the society at large. ICSS believes that is how we can ensure a future where people can have a good secure environment.