IL&FS: Simplifying Government & Business Processes through State-of-the-Art Data Centre Services

Sandeep Gupta,Senior Vice-President

Sandeep Gupta

Senior Vice-President

The pro-digitalisation government projects and increased usage of digital data through smart phones, social networking platforms and e-Commerce platforms over the last few years has lead to the boom in the Indian data centre market, making it the second largest market for data centre infrastructure. With more government projects lined up estimating a total investment of $7 billion on their IT products in the coming year, both public and private sectors are probing for state-of-the-art data center service providers.

IL&FS group has reputation for developing large scale infrastructures collaborating with the governments

When Govt of Orissa rolled out BOOT project aiming to computerise 177 land registration offices, it signed up with a Gurugram-based IT service provider, IL&FS Technologies on a PPP model. The company automated the land registration process alongside installed, maintained and commissioned Tier 3 data facility successfully for five years winning
'Best Electronic Delivery of Services' award from Revenue & Disaster Management Ministry of Orissa.

IL&FS group has reputation for developing large scale infrastructures collaborating with the governments; hence IL&FS Technologies was introduced as its technology arm in 2006. The company is now a leading organisation providing hosting facility with ISSL's highly skilled IT professionals implementing new capabilities of hosting infrastructure and maintaining web applications correspondingly with client operation.

IL&FS is a complete infra plus IT Company with an experience of setting up state-of-the-art data centers meeting international standards for governments all over the world. The company has worked with the governments of Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Philippines, Bangladesh, Rajasthan and several other governments in India & abroad. For instance, IL&FS successfully executed land titling computerisation project (LTCP) for Government of Philippines which was aimed to integrate all the land titling deeds. The company deployed a Tier 3 data center, detected fraudulent and fake tittles, and streamlined & standardised registration process by converting 30 million physical deeds into electronic form.

The Infra-IT Solutions
IL&FS Technologies is a fabric of diverse competencies such as Business Domain Expertise - Capital Market Services, Data Center Services & Application development, Database, Networking Solution, Security, Server, SAN, IT Operations, and Facility Management Services.The Data Centre wing provides a
secured, scalable and highly available IT environment to house sensitive and confidential business information which also enhances business continuity.

The company has lots of standard applications and provides end-to-end complete data center solutions starting from complete architectural layout, end-to-end power and cooling features, designing of physical security and maintenance facilities that are built into the data center.

IL&FS executes large complex programs mainly for the government on a PPP or PPU model catering data center facility implementation and maintenance with Microsoft ERP pro-enterprise solutions. "We take care of data center design, build, implement part and manage the complete ODM for the number of years agreed on through PPU model," asserts Sandeep Gupta, Sr. Vice President, IL&FS. The data centre is built over 1000 Sq. ft. to match Tier 3 requirements with sophisticated FE227 fire detection and fire suppression system. The facility houses 26 specially designed cooling racks with SAN and backup solutions for voluminous data storage.

Work & Life at IL&FS
IL&FS is home for over 2200 employees who enjoy the freedom of working at their eases. The company grooms its employees by carrying out intensive trainings and appraisal processes at different levels. Currently experiencing 25-30 percent growth annually on a CAGR basis, IL&FS is working with eight governments in implementing digitalisation processes. With a quest to become leading IT supplier, IL&FS is looking for complementing partnerships with other organisations to develop smart infrastructures.