Hot Box: Uncompromising Quality Food too Scrumptious to Forget

Muhammed Ranees,MDHot box is a cloud kitchen formed as an initiate to serve traditional Malabar food and fusion foods. Hot box is a brand name under the umbrella Smart Foodie Kitchen. The startup serves traditional recipes without any preservatives to maintain high quality. Hot Box is well known for Thalassery Biryani which is cooked by following traditional methods. The startup focuses on e-Commerce, take away points (SIS) and catering. With a humble beginning, Hot Box has the heritage, tradition and experience in serving a few, but exceptional dishes. Consistency in taste, marketing strategies and branding brilliance marks signature on the dishes put on the table by Hot Box.

Most of the cloud kitchen offerings strive to show their talents and excellence through presenting a huge list of dishes. However, Hot Box focuses on quality, consistency and excellence by serving SOP locked flavorful traditional foods, especially authentic Malabar biryani. Shua is one of Hot Box’s iconic dishes to embellish the menu and the heart of Hot Box lovers. Asserting on the finesse of his chefs, the CEO of Hot Box says, “Our chefs at Hot Box are not cooking with hands, they are immersed in their art to capture the tongues of people. Unlike others, we are not focusing on our dishes; we concentrate on the whole brand by stressing packaging and branding strategies”.
Magic of Quality in Every Chef's Hand
As for the quality, to maintain quality, consistency and excellence, Hot Box has the exceptional chefs in town who are experts in preparing wedding biryani for many years. Quality and safety are Hot Box’s main goals, wherein the firm refrains from compromising at any cost. “We have strict policies to purchase things daily from the local market. We won't take risks by using remnants of products to make dishes,” adds the CEO. All the dishes from Hot Box undergo mandatory quality check processes daily. At the same time, Hot Box keeps strictly to the balance of nature with eco-friendly packaging, minimizing the use of plastic.

Our chefs at Hot Box are not cooking with hands, they are immersed in their art to capture the tongues of people

“We strive to keep consistency in taste with promising quality forever. To create an attachment, we concentrate on packaging and the style of presentation of our dishes”, adds the CEO. Since its inception, Hot Box has focused on spreading its branches and delivering the best around the globe. With high risk, the startup began to cook food in large quantities, which was a daring act for beginners. Nevertheless, Hot Box team managed everything and succeeded in the journey with the proper implementation of branding and presentation strategies. Hot Box is an embodiment of success, to inspire people with the message ‘a small menu is enough to make huge impacts’.

In a fairly short span, Hot Box has had an exponential growth rate since its inception with particular features and methods in preparing scrumptious and traditional dishes. In the initial months, Hot Box catered to almost around 200 customers per day, which has increased to 600-700 per day on an average. Currently, Hot Box’s customer base consists of 20000 per month, which is a proper mix of both existing and new. Hot Box has an ongoing project in Trissur which will be completed by December 2021. The startup is also planning to expand territory into Calicut and Trivandrum soon. Presently, Hot Box delivers its products within 20 km air distance. The firm hopes to spread and satisfy the appetite of Hot Box lovers in all major cities of Kerala by 2022 with more touch points. Focus will also be on neighbouring states like Bangalore and Chennai by 2023.