Hostzop: Empowering and Redefining Businesses Online

Cloud hosting is changing the face of the IT industry, and India has adapted to the cloud in the most progressive way. Majority of companies are allocating huge shares of their revenues for cloud. With these trends, the future of cloud computing in India seems promising. The trends in cloud hosting have immensely transformed the Information Technology market and the digital value chain in 2016. Hostzop is a complete web solution company and has been offering reliable hosting services in Chennai, India at the most competitive rates. Headquartered in Chennai, Hostzop emphasizes on providing better services and making sure that the customers are accompanied in every step of the process, from suggesting proper domain names to hosting the site online.

Hostzop has been a major player in the web hosting industry since 2016. Over a short span of five years, having built a strong client base in India and US, the organisation has been one of the fastest growing web hosting and domain providers, powering countless websites to date. The organisation's tagline is `Power your business online'. With more than a decade of experience in server and hosting solutions, the organisation has been delivering services in offering domain names, shared hosting and cloud hosting services. Hostzop has assisted entrepreneurs and several other businesses such as B2B companies, e-Commerce and even a small merchant in going digital and expanding their reach to leaps & bounds.

The organisation is a team of 15 dedicated professionals who love to push the boundaries of technical competency and attain phenomenal growth records in business and technical standards. The organisation focuses on complete customer satisfaction by providing end-to-end support and 24x7 availability. The company also boasts of strong disaster recovery services using highly reliable and fault-tolerant servers. Aiming for better performance and with intent on delivering a high-speed cloud hosting service, Hostzop consistently proves to go beyond an extra mile for customer satisfaction. Unlike several other service
providers who host multiple VPS on the servers while circulating false claims of cost and carrier capacity, Hostzop maintains an ethical stand.

Rajesh Siroya,Founder & CEO

The number of VPS per server is within limits for a high-speed bandwidth and almost nil downtime. Despite all that, the company's prices are competitive and one of the lowest in the market. Hostzop provides Cloud, Dedicated, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Tally on Cloud to the customers. Some of the organization's cloud servers are 24x7 priority technical support, web servers rivalling other web solutions, easy deployment and upgrade, easy flexibility and scalability.

For us, customers are not just the kings, but also our extended family for whom we would go any lengths to ensure the complete satisfaction of their end-to-end requirements

Hostzop's central focus has always been its customers. The firm has built the entire work culture around the clients. "For us, customers are not just the kings, but also our extended family for whom we would go any lengths to ensure the complete satisfaction of their end-to-end requirements", says Rajesh Siroya, Founder & CEO, Hostzop. The organisation's business started with B2B clients who approached for the need of hosting services. The on-line reviews from the customers are testimony of the company's competence and expertise. Hostzop has a promising plan of expansion on the cards within India and in the US. The organization also aims to create an automation panel for the clients to improve customer's business experience. The firm visualizes becoming a global leader in Cloud Hosting solutions through technological innovations and industry excellence.