HighRisk Gateways: Global Solutions for Global Payment Problems

Ekta Singh,Business Development Manager

Ekta Singh

Business Development Manager

Just about every business needs to be able to accept credit cards payment. Finding a reputable merchant payment gateway provider to process those credit card transactions for such business can be a pretty daunting challenge for any business, but it’s a hard slog if it’s a highrisk merchant. Particularly, people have gotten pretty savvy at flagging lotteries, penny, auctions, and other online casinos. However, the newer, more subtle types of gambling may be tougher to spot. Nevertheless, such merchants cannot just overlook the dire need for a solution that can make their business smooth. Based out of NCT of Delhi, HighRisk Gateways is a Global Credit Card Processor that provides a platter of card services, eCheck, and ACH processing for highrisk merchants.

Currently, HighRisk is offering its services to merchants which includes all but not limited to IT Support(Specially India & International Companies), Pharmaceutical(Large Volume Merchants only), Gaming/ Gambling, Forex, Binary, MMJ, CBD Oil, Adult traffic, e-cigarettes, Online e-visa merchants, Voucher sales eCommerce merchants, replica merchants from European Countries, Content writer, freelancer individuals and tour operator etc.

Enabling Seamless Business

In the recent interview Ekta Singh, Business Development Manager, HighRisk Gateways highlights the expertise “First of all we are specialized in the highrisk industry. We are
providing a solution to the highrisk merchants who are hard to get a payment gateway as most of them are dealing in a highrisk business. We are providing a solution to all the merchants dealing in diverse businesses. We care about the merchants and their businesses and work towards addressing every merchant’s every unique need, without posing any exception with channels use. We have earned the trust of an array of clients to sustain their business for long term association and planning consistent growth”. Irrespective of the solution planned ahead, HighRisk Gateways is on the trajectory to become a famed Merchant Solution provider.

HighRisk Gateways is a Global Credit Card Processor that provides a platter of card services, eCheck, and ACH processing for high-risk merchants

When asked about what sort of services HighRisk Gateways offer to merchants, Ekta Singh said “HighRisk Gateways offer eCheck Payment Processing solution to USA merchants to make their transaction easy. Besides, we are offering Virtual checks online with the support of a safe website portal with HighRisk Gateways API. With a network of proprietary processing platforms and systems via its banking partner, HighRisk Gateways offer credit card processing solutions to all types of merchants across the globe. We offer Visa, MasterCard, Gift Card, Debit and EFT transactions”.

She further replied “Since payment solution needs vary with business profile, volume and industry. HighRisk Gateways offers payment processing for any type of business. HighRisk Gateways has the ability to authorize transactions in more than 160 currencies. However, for highrisk merchants, no other solution has proven to be as efficient and secure as the ACH Payment Process. With ACH, you move your highrisk business without hassle. We are dealing in offshore merchant account to businesses”.

When asked about how HighRisk Gateways is different from other peer players in the market, Ekta said, “We cannot compare with other payment gateway providers. Paypal and Stripe provide service to the low risk merchants and we provide service especially to the highrisk merchants. We are offering Dedicated Merchant Account to the businesses with no disruption for consistent business growth. HighRisk Gateways is a reputed name in providing Offshore Merchant Account based in India. While facilitating such clients with the much required offshore account, this firm also assist Merchants to manage for low charge back ratio and risk associated with international payment processing.”