Hanumayamma Innovations & Technologies: Re-Industrializing Agri-D for Resurging MPR

Chandrasekar Vuppalapati,   Senior Vice President

Chandrasekar Vuppalapati

Senior Vice President

Over the past few years, the agri dairy industry has been championed for maintaining sustainability after growing digital dependence over connectivity fueled transformations. Twenty first century robotics and sensing technologies had been of immense help for end farmers (small, medium, and large) to better address the challenges and improve the harvest quality, thereby professing the concept of precision care to nurture their greens. Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, Senior Vice President, Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies mentions that "Where future farming in concerned, advancing maturity in analytics and data science is here to create a massive shift with respect to yield, profitability, sustainability and food security".

Modern Agriculture has moved beyond self sufficiency and is walking towards more resilient agricultural practices to beat the crop recession and boost the Maximum Production Rate(MPR). Hanumayamma Innovations and Technology serves to be the perfect tech maverick to achieve longterm demands of higher productivity, inclusive of climate variabilities. A leading San Francisco based corporation offering data analytics, AI services and sensor technologies for farmers and producers, exclusively in crop and livestock production management.

A Foretold Fortune
Agricultural success is largely determined by the weather. As the majority of field crops rely solely on the weather for their water and energy needs, even the slightest anomaly can deteriorate the yield quality and the volume. To save farmers from obvious crop loss, Hanumayamma provides holistic solutions by applying AI in farming and forecasting the fate of agribusinesses. Hanumayamma tech
innovations work toward food security based enablement by offering data driven risk mitigation strategies and incentivizing farmers with agri sensors to practice precision farming even under aberrant climatic conditions.

Hanumayamma has harvested a huge success in bringing operational efficiencies in agri-D farming by providing actionable insights

Hanumayamma hones a decade-old experience in evangelizing technology in modern farming practices. augmenting agronomy, worldwide. It provides analytical insights to farmers across the world, guiding them in planning crop yield in making dynamic recommendations, drought and climate modelling, risk modelling, and addressing agro dynamics and macroeconomic indicators. The right place, right time, and right products contribute to the core of precision state farming, Humayamma forecasts are derived for those first farmers, testing their turn in predictive farming practices.

Launching Many Firsts
Indian dairy farming has long been trading sustenance in exchange for fragmented supply chains, poor returns, and high price sensitivity. As the dairy trade got stricter, Internet of Things (IoT) came to the rescue where a device collects sensor data to create alerts after locating the milk surplus potential of a farm, expanding a new tech wing called dairy analytics. Contributing to the big picture Hanumayamma Innovations was the first to bring the concept of connected dairy via sensor belts (Cow Necklace/Collar) offering data enabled insights facilitating better management of dairy activities.

Hanumayamma is the World’s first and leading manufacturer to patent low-powered MLAI integrated, wearable veterinary sensors(CLASS 10). Hanumayamma’ s Cow Necklace Sensors capture cattle health and activity parameters. Sensor platform also captures carbon engineering & methane details. As it pioneered the hardware manufacturing side, it has advanced its software tech stacks into cloud-based solutions via Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP to deploy analytics solutions. It has also developed mobile apps and deployed ML callable interfaces on its website, for interactive SaaS to update the farmer about the predictions based on the recent feeds, upon subscribing to the platform.

Mitring the corners with diversity scopes
Over ten years in serving dairy analytics, Hanumayamma has harvested a huge success in bringing operational efficiencies in agriD farming by providing actionable insights. In order to sharpen its predictions further, it's trying to include data diversity to help farmers in making faster decisions by cutting down the observation period. "As part of our future preparations, we would like to establish an agronomic observation center in Kashmir to re-cord the diversity of data it can provide, inturn making way for India to stepup for its agricultural future".