Gustasi Chef: Connecting Expert Home Cooks & Foodies Across India

Gunna Anoop Reddy & Gattu Anush,Co-foundersIn recent times, there has been a sea-change in people's lifestyle and eating habits. Today, consumers seek freshly prepared homemade food instead of fast-food chains, commercial kitchens, and restaurants that offer great-tasting dishes at the cost of adding unhealthy cooking ingredients and cooking methods.

Furthermore, the pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns have resulted in the closure of many restaurants from across the globe. This has resulted in thousands of professional chefs to either quit their jobs or being forced to leave. As a result of these events, several cloud kitchens have also cropped up to cater to the rising demand for fresh and hygienic food.

What began with looking for a meal in the middle of the night when on business travel, GattuAnush decided to take the idea to a different level. As a food explorer & authentic cuisine lover, Anush had always desired traditional homemade food, which was not easily available across any of the formats of commercial kitchens. Observing the prevailing trends and the popular consumer demands prompted Anush to come up with the idea of a commercial kitchen platform that delivers homemade food to customers.

In March 2017, Gunna Anoop Reddy and GattuAnush assembled a group of techno-functional experts having extensive knowledge of technology and application development to set up Gustasi Chef. "I wanted to bring authentic traditional food back to our new generation, available across India, even when they are travelling, "says GattuAnush, Co-founder, Gustasi Chef.

The Gustasi platform gives an opportunity to Home Chefs, Certified chefs, Caterers, Bakers and even Culinary Students spread
across India to start a cooking business from their home kitchens without the need for any investment & at low operational costs. The platform envisions bringing all the local delivery partners across India and integrate with them. "Our agenda is to give customized delivery services for our chefs, "mentions Anush. He further points out that Gustasi acts as the facilitator and that their chefs run the food side of the business. This way, the platform has been immensely helping in generating employment for home chefs all over the nation. Thus far, Gustasi Online chef services platform has already onboarded over 6700 home kitchens under its banner.

Delivering Traditional Home Cooked Meals at the Doorsteps At Gustasi Online Chef Services, all the necessary features are provided to ensure that the chefs run their operations as freely as possible. It is the chefs that get to create their personalized food items.

The Gustasi consumers get to review the food and the chef. wherein they can remark on the services offered by the chefs. "We have a robust model that ensures the delivery of fresh and pure traditional homemade food," assures Anush.

The digital menu for restaurants which was introduced recently can cater up to 999 unique KOTs.

Gattu Anush, Co-founder

Various chef & customer-centric improvements
“We are continuously innovating our app so that our chefs have greater flexibility in their business & their customers”

Chefs can create customised deals and menu offerings for their customers basis their own preferences, which makes it attractive to the customers.

Chefs can promote their business on their social media platforms by downloading posters generated in-house Interestingly, customers can also pre-order their food up to 1 hour to 7 days prior, which is something no other online commercial kitchen platform is offering right now.

Together during the Pandemic
The platform features both free & paid food providers by area. They were specially promoted on our social media handles.

At the moment, the company is offering its home kitchen services for free to the chefs in the wake of the hard times they had to go through during the lockdowns. The subscription model will be introduced later. "I've seen many professional chefs suffer a lot. Therefore, it is an initiative to do something good for them," concludes Anush.