Greentek: Committed To Delivering High Quality Products And Ensuring Complete Customer Satisfaction

G. Satya Kiran,Managing Director

G. Satya Kiran

Managing Director

Due to various environmental risks and a number of other concerns, the globe has been rapidly shifting toward’s solar energy. Similarly, in its attempts to progress towards sustainable development, India is considered one of the world’s major providers of solar energy. In addition, the Indian government has set a goal of deploying 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by the end of 2022 with solar installations accounting for 100 GW of the total.

Furthermore, the rooftop solar sector in India has seen substantial revolutions due to technological advancements, component quality and differences in material and installation prices. Considering these enhancements the solar rooftop concept has grown as the most affordable and dependable solar power generating model. Looking at all of these prospects and the potential development that may arise if this concept takes hold of the market. GREENTEK was founded in 1995 by like-minded individuals to harness solar energy and make it affordable to the common people.

GREENTEK has been a key firm in the Indian solar energy market for a long time now and the company’s goal has always been to prioritize quality while offering solar energy products and services. Explaining about the establishment’s journey so far, the Managing
Director of GREENTEK, G. Satya Kiran says, “GREENTEK’s progress as an organization has been remarkable and the motto that has often helped us succeed is - Commitment and Customer Satisfaction with Excellent Service.

Furthermore, our team has grown through time and we take pride in keeping positive relationships with all of our clients. Moreover, in 2013, the firm added another feather to its hat of accomplishments by establishing a state-of-art Solar PV Module Manufacturing & Solar Water Heating Systems Manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. As a result, we emerged to become India’s largest solar equipment manufacturer-supplier-integrator.”

Well-Maintained Market Position
GREENTEK has witnessed tremendous highs and lows in the solar energy sector over the years, as well as strong competition in the market owing to market price declines as raw material costs increased. Even in such settings, despite the hurdles, the organization thrived by maintaining product quality and timely services, including after-sales services.

The range of solar energy products offered by GREENTEK is Solar PV Modules, Solar Roof Top /MW Projects, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Water Heaters –ETC / FPC, Solar Air Heating Systems, Solar Power Fencing and Solar Swimming pool Heating. And the services offered are EPC -PV Systems design and installation, SWHS design, installation, operation and maintenance services for all the products.

GREENTEK has been a key firm in the Indian solar energy market for a long time now and the company’s goal has always been to prioritize quality and Customer Satisfaction

GREENTEK is poised to enter the Top 10 Companies in the country in the next years as a result of its high-quality products and services. “We have been committed to Right Quality, Right Price, Right Delivery and Right Service since our inception, which is why our clients choose us over other companies.

Adding to this, GREENTEK’s talented, technical and commercial teams have also contributed significantly to the company’s success. And in addition to the domestic market, we intend to take on the challenge of joining the export market in the coming years”, concludes G. Satya Kiran.