Greenergy Solar System: A Leader Contributing To India's Progress Towards The Solar Journey




While energy prices have been the biggest call for help globally, there are still some pending initiatives that require support and attention from both the verticals i.e. the govt and the manufacturers. The govt still has a huge chunk of responsibilities to handle to administer and resolve the energy crisis in India. Especially when major start-ups are interested to contribute their bit to resolving the energy crisis.

Previewing sustainability as its mission, Greenergy Solar System intends to remain at the forefront of providing solutions related to solar energy to its clients and thus contributing its bit. Greenergy is one such company providing solutions for fulfilling India’s renewable energy aspirations through its high-class installations and efficient solar power system, company is a foremost wholesaler of solar energy solutions. It provides premium quality solar products at competitive prices and within time-bound delivery.

Greenergy Solar System provides a diversified portfolio of products like Greenergy on grid solar, Greenergy off-grid solar, Greenergy hybrid solar system, Solar water heater, Solar water pump, solar street light, Alternative Current Distribution Box, Direct Current Distribution Box. It also undertakes projects under the engineering
procurement and construction model. It also conducts energy audits and is engaged in maintenance and allied activities.

Backed By Government Support
The solar industry in India has witnessed exponential growth in the past few decades when alternative energy resources are no more a choice but a necessity. This has also been nudged by the government, concerned about global warming and climate change. “There are still some gaps to be fulfilled regarding infrastructure and policy changes that can be a big game-changer. The companies involved with solar power can benefit a big deal if such changes are made. Moreover, they will contribute to the sustainable energy vision”, says Mr. Khan.

The Government of India has launched National Solar Mission with the objective to establish India as a global leader in solar energy and the recent COP26 shifted the goalpost to 500 GW capacity for Renewable energy of which solar energy is a major part.

Best Quality Appliances
Greenergy solar is a well-known name in the industry for its quality and the deliveries within the timeframe, when customers choose Greenergy, they are extremely confident in the company’s services and satisfaction is one of the milestones that the company has managed to achieve to attract more traction while there are many other names in the list of contemporaries. Greenergy Solar System stands out among the rest in terms of customer satisfaction and hassle-free installation.

Greenergy Solar Is A Well-Known Name In The Industry For Its Quality And The Deliveries Within The Timeframe

The range of appliance offered by Greenergy are supported by an end to end assistance. With the quality benchmarks in place the company provides the best technology in its solar appliances, there is an array of appliances to choose from that can fit into residential and commercial purposes of the clients.

The main goal of Greenergy Solar System is to strive to become India’s Best and most Reliable Green Energy integrator and to aggressively capitalize on the emerging Grid-connect and off grid sustainable energy solutions. The roadmap for the future is geographical expansion and become a renowned world leader in the field of solar power.