Letstrack: Introducing the Next Epoch of Personal Security & Business Solutions through GPS

Vikram Kumar,  Managing Director,Mark Odenore,  Partner - EMEA Operation Strategy & Business Development

Vikram Kumar, Managing Director

Mark Odenore, Partner - EMEA Operation Strategy & Business Development

The GPS technology has come a long way from where it began in early 70s, from just road mapping to tracking anything and everything. Though the global GPS market, which is anticipated to hit $2 billion mark by 2021, is flooded with product companies, the divergence has withered due to their attempt towards deriving maximum profit out of the same extracted data. However, a Chandigarh-based businessman, Ajay Dhiman, is one among the millennial has been able to make the most out of GPS tracking, in both personal & entrepreneurial fronts. From beholding his family members & ensuring their security at least from afar to effortlessly tracking his workforce & managing their itinerary through a mobile app, and even dismantling the functioning of his moving vehicle from anywhere in the world with just one click, Ajay encrusts a broad spectrum of GPS tracking possibilities, and most interestingly, facilitated by a single vendor.

Transforming the world for people like Ajay is (ISO 9001 certified) Letstrack Limited – a London-based innovation driven startup that heavily leverage on GPS & a cross-platform mobile app to provide security for your kids, parents, pets, spouses and vehicles or any other valuable asset by keeping track of their location, and to bestow business solutions for optimizing & safeguarding your workforce and fleet. While living in a country where eight kids on an average are kidnapped every hour, no wonder Letstrack’s specially designed tracking devices (ROC compliant) for kids, which can be worn as a watch (Letstrack Kido – 1000mha battery) or placed in a bag (LetstrackMega – 5000mha battery), have become one of the popular & most demanded tracking devices available in India. Indeed, the device not only tracks kids on real-time, but also sends an alert to parents whenever they reach school, leave the compound and reach back home. “There are many schools that bank on our solutions to ensure the safety of students. Through the trackers installed in school busses, we fetch them valuable information like drop points of students (alerts sent on variations), distance to reach destinations, and zone alerts, in addition to comprehensive real-time tracking,” adjoins Vikram Kumar, Managing Director, Letstrack.

Tracking is not Just Tracking
With Letstrack, tracking is only a bijou piece of a brawny structure that amalgamates a state-of-the-art hardware, extremely user friendly software and uncut customer services. For instance, its vehicle monitoring devices like Letstrack Prima, which are widely used for fleet management in areas with unstable network (as it uses GSM 850/900/ to 1800/1900 MHZ band), come with the ‘Engine Cut’ feature that allows you to take control of your vehicle
and dismantle the functioning of its engine with just one click, in case your driver is moving in the wrong direction or any other mishap; additionally this device also informs you when ever the vehicle is moved from the parking locus. Lend your ears to Sunil Sharma - a Hyderabad based business man who echoes his sentiments over the product, “Since I have installed Letstrack Prima in my car, I savor tension - free sleep at night as I can use the engine cut-off facility. Prior to this, I used to wake up several times during the sleep, as my car is parked outside the house and even a small noise could disturb me. Other features in the app like Radar & Chatting help me stay connected with my friends”.

With Letstrack, tracking is only a bijou piece of a brawny structure that amalgamates a state-of-the-art hardware, extremely user friendly software and uncut customer services

The more you comprehend about Letstrack’s tracking devices, bigger the excitement you are indulged in. Imagine a woman travelling in an app-based cab, and despite the heavenly security offerings of the service provider, her security is compromised when ever the driver closes the app or turns of the network. But if the cab has a Letstrack device, the security promises from the service provider becomes worth trusting, as the passengers can simply use the Letstrack appto scan cab’s QR code, which embeds the credentials of both cab & driver, and share it with their parents or beloved ones who get a real-time track of their journey further. “We have also developed Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to automatically recognize once the passenger ends the journey or gets out of the vehicle, and this information is also shared with the connected IDs,” asserts Vikram. Moreover, the company has already applied for design patent (and the novelty has been approved) for its flagship product Letstrack Prima.

Disrupting Business Solutions
On the other hand, the Letstrack Prima fixed in fleets (highly suitable for vehicles like vans, trucks & cabs) constitutes a comprehensive business solution, and thus opening up enormous possibilities for organizations to safeguard their field force (mostly drivers) and significantly increase their productivity by optimizing the vehicles. In addition to sending various alerts in various situations (when the vehicle reaches its preset speed limit or is getting towed away) even if the engine is switched off, the device extracts valuable data from the vehicle including total on & off times of the engine, AC’s on & off status, average fuel consumption, number of stops and much more. Additionally, this information, which is securely saved in Microsoft Server, can also be availed as a history and a monthly report, which ensures an easy reimbursement of travel expenses. As an icing on the cake, the company has come up with ‘Letstrack Insurance’ for drivers, where the benefits are scaled according to his cibilscore, which is inscribed based on the information fetched from the

As the company provides its business solutions in a highly customized format, it matches any company regardless of size, industry and process; the engagement with Liberty Shoes – one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the country, being a perfect example for its flexibility. Started from installing a couple of Letstrack devices in their vehicles, Liberty Shoes today has equipped their 400+ showrooms with its trackers that automatically track their employees’ login, logout & break timings and even customer traffic in showrooms, which play a pivotal role in monthly planning & productivity analysis of the company.

The Art of Customer Service
Came into existence in 2015, the company has manifested an extraordinary performance to emerge as one of the leading GPS tracking startups in UK and India. Though as our subcontinent is only lacing up in terms of leveraging GPS to its full potential and the people are not quite acquainted with technology, Letstrack ascertains that it provides comprehensive customer services, and the executives, who are trained under a professional, Silicon Valley-like culture, and physically reach out to customers when/wherever required. “We provide service in 500+ cities across the country. Indeed, even if the request comes from Andaman & Nicobar Islands, our service executives will reach out to the customer’s home and proffer service or a demo, which in turn give us an edge over our competitors,” affirms Vikram.

En route to the Future
To further escalate the customer engagement and spread awareness about security, Letstrack maneuvers its marketing paradigms in all the possible channels, from printed brochures to online marketing, and has made available its products in leading e-Commerce platforms like Amazon. “We are growing by 200 percent month-on-month, and while going forward, we have set a target of achieving $1 million revenue per-month by the end of 2018 and establish our presence in U.S. by second quarter of next year,” concludes Vikram. Considering the impact Letstrack has made in the realm within shut-eye time, the company is well in-line with its vision to transform the world with enormous possibilities of GPS tracking.

Key Management:
Vikram Kumar, Managing Director
A pragmatic and positive man, Vikram has a vast experience in setting up businesses ranging from Telecom Consultancy and Software Development to establishing national distribution at various retail chains.

Mark Odenore, Partner – EMEA Operation Strategy & Business Development
Former Director of ‘Housing’ for Hornsey North London YMCA, Mark’s determination and drive saw him make tremendous impact in the housing sector before he left to start his own company and has since invested and co-founded several other companies.

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