Gorilla Expense: Simple and Intuitive Expense Management Solution

Ganesh Nagargoje,  DirectorIf you have ever traveled for your company, you know how tedious it is to report all the expenses you incur on behalf of your company like airfare, lodging, meals, taxi and more. Stuffing pockets and wallets with wrinkled receipts, and then getting these pieces stapled on a spreadsheet and then manually filling in the details of every purchase and then mailing this to the accounts team can be an extremely prolonged task. In addition, reviewing the validity of these expenses and reimbursing the employees or their corporate credit cards becomes an incredibly difficult and time consuming job even for the company's accounting team. Today, when the majority of business functions are automated, managing expenses is still one of the few areas that still involve an excessive amount of manual processing. Used by thousands of users around the world and across various industries, Gorilla Expense is one such solution which was designed to take the pain out of expense reporting, thereby providing 100 percent visibility of T&E spend and offering savings through automation of expense management.

When it comes to Expense Management, some of the core components are corporate credit card management as well as receipt management. For corporate credits card, Gorilla Expense not only offers the ability to aggregate the spent data and assign it to the respective cardholders profile, but it also helps corporation reconcile their cumber some corporate credit card statement and issue payments to individual corporate cards. While for receipt management, Gorilla
Expense integrates with various receipt or file management utilities like DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive and it has its own 'ReceiptBox' feature that scans receipt data and automatically creates and feeds expense from the receipt for the user. The ReceiptBox feature also helps users to stay organized by not cluttering the user's phone's Photo Gallery by offering a separate container to store receipts. "When you are dealing with a credit card, security is a major concern. Gorilla Expense is a PCI compliant company having successfully completed a third party audit and we take security seriously by taking advantage of Microsoft Azure based cloud infrastructure. We are also GDPR compliant," mentions Pranav Kulkarni, Co-Founder and CTO, Gorilla Expense.

While the majority of the enterprise software applications today are clunky and difficult to use, Gorilla Expense is geared towards a mobile end user who is mostly used to accessing his/her phone most of the time

While the majority of the enterprise software applications today are clunky and difficult to use, Gorilla Expense is geared towards a mobile end user who is mostly used to accessing his/her phone most of the time. Not only do we stand out with respect to our front end, we also provide advanced integrations with various accounting systems as well as various corporate credit card providers that none of our competition provides. The core product is common, however, the integrations we specialize in are geared towards Microsoft Dynamics and Sage accounting systems primarily. The subscription pricing also varies depending upon the size of the customer from USD 4 per user month ­ USD 12 per user per month, while for the customers with volume, Gorilla Expense also offers per transaction based subscription. "With a network of over 60 Microsoft Partners around the globe, Gorilla Expense is well positioned to know the details of the clients' pain points and requirements, so that the software implementation and rollout can be a 100 percent success. Microsoft had even sponsored Gorilla Expense at the DEMO conference in Silicon Valley to showcase our innovation. We have several other partnerships with corporate card providers, Accounts Payables automation providers in addition to the 60+ Microsoft partners ­ some of whom are 1000+ employee companies," adds Pranav.

A bootstrapped and profitable venture, Gorilla Expense stands out in the startup world as it has created a success story without burning any of the investor cash or without giving out its application for free. With its recurring subscription revenue in seven digits USD, in the years to come Gorilla Expense aspires to build partnerships with other accounting system providers, airfare/hotel booking engines and banks who offer corporate credit cards.