GoProtoz: Setting New Standards In The Global UI And UX Design Industry

Udhaya shankar D,FounderOffering the best user experience is a crucial facet of modern-day business. With all business organizations changing lanes towards the digital realm, offering a great user experience in the digital space is now more critical than ever. Acknowledging that the demand for quality UX and UI designers is growing, GoProtoz is already ahead when globally design firms are in practice with niche and still embarking hard to meet the UI and UX standard.

GoProtoz is operating to change this tide and offer their clients top-notch UI and UX designs. The company works with a vision to craft products that are a perfect mix of class and simplicity, and make top-notch products that are intuitive, easy to operate and create life-changing experiences.

The Three Pillars
GoProtoz understands that the one size fits all approach will not work in the industry and strives to offer tailor-made solutions backed by their three pillars of effective designs, establishing trust and breaking barriers in their working methods. Adding more about how they can provide top-notch solutions to their clients, Udhaya Shankar D, Founder, GoProtoz, says, "Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we make sure that we understand the requirements of our clients so that we can offer them the solutions that will cater to their needs.

We also focus on the creative aspect of the UI and UX design, but we also emphasise innovation when it comes to product design. Our team is our main strong point, and our mission is to make our products perform at the highest of standards. All this helps us to make sure that we cannot just meet but exceed our client's expectations".

GoProtoz believes that a great user
experience design is the key to success for any business organization. The company has created a diversified service portfolio that can solve its client's UI and UX dilemmas. The company's services include UI and UX design, UX strategy, UX research, UX audit, web design, and data visualization. Apart from this, their expertise and experience working in the industry have helped GoProtoz be a one-stop solution provider that can set new standards in the industry.

The user experience that the company provides is second to none, and their design process is in itself unique because they design products that are agile and task-oriented while at the same time staying user-friendly. This is one of the major differentiating factors that separate GoProtoz from the other players operating in the industry.

A Notch Above The Rest
Employees are one of the most crucial parts of an organization. When asked about the employee culture at GoProtoz, Udhaya says, "We provide online training from international institutes to our employees, and we make sure that our employees are updated with the latest industry trends. We also have knowledge sharing sessions within the organization, and the employees do presentations on the topics they have prepared. We also have a design of the day program on a day-to-day basis, and we encourage the team to learn from each other.

Goprotoz believes that a great user experience design is the key to success for any business organization. The company has created a diversified service portfolio that can solve its client's UI and UX dilemmas

We also have an inspiration board where the employees share their inspirations. Apart from this, we, as an organization, ensure that we understand our employees' issues and address their grievance most efficiently and effectively. We have created a family-like atmosphere in the organization where each employee feels welcomed, which motivates them to give their 100 per cent for the company".

GoProtoz has been able to clock in an impressive 10x growth year on year over the last couple of years. Their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped GoProtoz to create and maintain an impressive clientele that includes some big-name Indian and foreign companies. Evolving with the changing market conditions, GoProtoz aims to improve consistently and expand its reach across the globe. The company leaders have devised a well-planned future roadmap for the company, and as of now, they are establishing themselves in Dubai, Germany and the USA.

Udhaya Shankar D, Founder
Udhaya has over 15 years of industry expertise and business acumen, which has been the cornerstone behind the success of GoProtoz. He has a deep understanding of UX design principles in all user-centred design processes, from ideation to design and development.