Separator Pioneers of Exclusive Digital Warehousing & Ingenious 3D Printing Manufacturing & Services

Narendra Singh,Director & Chairman

Narendra Singh, Director& Chairman

The 3D printing market in India is all set to cross $80 million by 2021 and has delved onto creating global revolutions, anticipating $21 billion within the next two years. Metaphorical as magic that transforms imagination to reality, 3D printing stars as a boon spanning across diverse manufacturing, automotive, aerospace/defence, healthcare and educational industries. However, despite its immense growth potential, experts have noticed a lag in the awareness of diverse 3D printing applications and its sprightly influence in today’s tech-savvy world. With a view to establish this as a trending need and carve a distinct mark in the country, (Unit of Knostic Technologies Private Limited) incepted in 2017 as one of the fastest one-stop-solutions and most price-competitive experts in 3D printing manufacture & services segment. This Jaipur-based company is recognized as Start Up-India by Government of India and is focussed on PAN India presence with a special proficiency for rapid prototyping services, Customized and Industrial Grade 3D printers, Good Quality and Multi Material filaments, 3D Scan, 3D Education and Business Solutions. The company aims at blending the digital world with traditional manufacturing accompanied with delivering advanced, positive and
complete end-to-end 3D printing services.

" aims at blending the digital world with traditional manufacturing accompanied with delivering advanced, positive and complete end-to-end 3D printing services"

Thriving under the headship of Narendra Singh (Director & Chairman), the company delivers flawless customized services together with complex engineering designs, pioneering in offering a unique service of Digital Warehousing. With this ingenious set-up, the company delivers business-house solutions that capacitate storing complex parts into secure encrypted digital server systems that can be easily stored, manufactured and retrieved even after several years using its distinct 3D printing techniques. Digital Warehouse has given companies a way of minimizing operating cost by storing items digitally. involves in adapting to tech-reforms to speed up services as well as to be able to offer rapid product upgrades with advanced design reviews. The company further capacitates the provision of products with almost every material possible also bolstering the integration of 3D Printing, Robotics and STEM Education.

The Technology Geek
Driven by a huge appetite for technology and its reforms, the company aims at delivering futuristic services and models that stay well ahead in time when compared to its peers. This gives the company an upper hand in staying above competition and also accommodating the possibility of providing solutions in almost all sectors like engineering, home-decor (like its exclusive lunar lamp, customized art & wall-decor),
medical, fashion jewellery and construction. Furthermore, the company houses some of the most professional in-house talent development programmes that enable it to stay aware of industrial and market upgrades to customize solutions that go beyond the customer’s expectations.

Boasting of its successful development of diverse and large-scale products for engineering companies, the company ensures to take a step ahead by procuring reviews of their client’s customers in order to surpass its own standards. To mention a few, has rendered services to JCB for customized engineering parts upgrade, DWAR for its own unique product concept development boosting its customer outreach, PRECIZE for new Home Décor products development that augmented alternate revenue growth and UMax Solutions for customized products made available at affordable rates boosting local-outreach. has signed an MOU with JECRC University to install 3D Printing lab and develop innovative robotics - unique concepts.

Prospects to Push beyond Horizons
Currently engaged in the development of affordable FDM’s and DLP 3D Printers. The company is also working towards creating one-stop-online 3D printing market. is on the lookout for opportunities to push new technologies at affordable market rates as well as stride on a headhunt to work with like minded companies worldwide specifically in field of Medical,Metal Printing and Construction Industry. The company has further witnessed a growth rate of more than 50 percent over the past FY, doubling revenue every month.