Glide Technology: A Process and Outcome Oriented Solution Provider with Strong Expertise in Wearable & IoT Technology

 Upendra Patel,  CEO and Founder
Upendra Patel, CEO and Founder

There is no doubt that technology can improve our quality of life. With the emergence of smart wearables, things are becoming much easier in our day to-day life. A beautiful showpiece of cloth hanging on your door side can make an alert beep, in case you forget locking the door while moving outside. From fitness trackers to smart watch to smart jewellery to smart clothing, the various wearables can measure your heart rate, steps or calories burned and send you notifi-cations, reminders, live location and many more. Identifying and addressing this market opportunity, Glide, an innovative embedded software & hardware solutions provider has come up with product use cases. As an end-to-end service provider, Glide designs & develops wearable products according to client requirements and target market.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Glide provides solutions with a seamless and process-oriented approach to product designs. Upendra Patel, CEO and Founder of Glide Technology Pvt. Ltd., elucidates, “We provide product engineering services including hardware design, firmware & software development and testing services for Wearable & iot Products. Our focus is always on designing latest technology products for clients. Glide has
expertise and experience in development of high performance embedded Hardware design for wearable devices such as Hybrid Smart Watch, Fitness Tracking Device, Smart Jewellery, Location Tracker, sos Watch and more. We have worked on multiple sensors and wireless technologies including Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, NFC, RFID, zigbee, Z-Wave, lora and more. We work as technology partner for the clients and become advisor for the technology selection to implementation to product modernization, that’s our USP.” Glide provides full spectrum of services for client’s success Which includes Product Feasibility, R&D, Product Architecture, Hardware Design, Software Solution, Prototype Development, Testing and Maintenance of the product.”

Divided into three teams - Hardware Design Team, Firmware& Software Development Team and Assembly & Product Testing Team, Glide demonstrates a remarkable expertise in developing both, industrial and consumer products for global market. “Clients come with lot of pain points starting from idea validation, technological feasibility, commercial viability, form factor finalization, calibration, feature enhancement, technology upgradation and battery life optimization to product sustainability. Mitigating these challenges is our forte and day-to-day work. We support clients at each phase of their product development journey and come up with best solution within specified constraints. Above all, our first-time-right approach and detailed engineering give guaranteed outcomes on designs,” tells Upendra Patel, who has over 35 years of experience in embedded product design industry.
Established in 2013, today, Glide’s core competency lies in Wearable & IoT technology. They have built inhouse testing lab with modern equipment for testing and maintenance of products. “Working on latest technology is our forte;our partnerships with semiconductor companies give us edge in selecting cost-effective and future-ready technology for the products. Over the years, we have developed our own IPs for battery optimization, over the air firmware update and so on which can enable us to expedite the design process for clients,” affirms Patel, who has a proven track record of building and nurturing in-house technology teams and growing business profitability.

Under the charismatic leadership of Upendra Patel, Glide has managed complex product development projects. “We have worked with clients in the domain of IoT, Wearables, VR, Healthcare, and Home & Industrial Automation for Fortune 500 company, Start-ups & Enterprises across USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. In this financial year, we achieved impressive growth in revenue by 125 percent compared to last year and experienced average year-on year increase of 80 percent. Our goal is to become a pioneer in designing next-gen user centric products. With the same quality of work, we plan to expand our footprint in North America, Europe and Asia by exploring partnership opportunities and creating sales offices; our USA office will be operational by end of this year. We are also working on our own innovative wearable products for Asia Market,” Patel wrapped up.