GeekyAnts Software: The Product Studio Transforming Ideas into Reality

As domestic market trends begin to skew towards React, it's easy to question the future of demand for Angular. It's a one or the other kind of game that makes people wonder which one should be picked up, especially when you're just entering the fray. Angular and React are quite capable, modern, and extensively used JavaScript Frameworks. GeekyAnts Software is one such Angular and React JS development company, based out of Bengaluru that offers services in top notch quality, timely delivery, two level estimation, documentation and product ownership.

GeekyAnts Software is a young Product and Services development company catering everything related to web and mobile app development products. The organisation is a brand of Sahu Soft India and is the early adopters of both Angular and React. Apart from client projects, products, open source contributions are also React and Angular centric. GeekyAnts Software has a team of over 200 developers and a majority of them are engaged in React and Angular. The organization has worked on a number of client projects using both React and Angular, either building dashboards or PWAs or just regular websites. As a javascript developer, the ease of picking up React and acing on it in a very short span of time is what drew the GeekyAnts team initially. For Angular, the learning curve was a tad steep from version 1 to 2, but being backed by Google and with TypeScript as its backbone, the team got a handful of concepts to explore. Right from the ideation stage, to gathering requirements, to advising them on the preferred technology, the design followed by development coupled with testing and deployment, GeekyAnts offers it all. "In terms of the workflow for client projects, we have a thorough understanding of both tech stacks and biases towards neither. We always ensure top
notch quality of work in any project, whoever comprises the team", says Kumar Pratik, Founder, GeekyAnts Software. Apart from client projects, at the core, GeekyAnts is driven by experiments and open source contributions.

Kumar Pratik,Founder

GeekyAnts has a culture of tech talks every Wednesday where everyone in the organisation gets their weekly dose of what's trending or new in the app development space. The organisation is currently exploring Svelte, NextJS and Microsoft Services. "We have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of big names like Google, PayPoint, DevelapMe, Quintype, Tellius, Sortly, Siveco, Pixaprints, Milimetrika, Lamno, MPL and many more who have used either React or Angular for their projects", says the Kumar Pratik, Founder. Most of these clients continue to work with the organisation and is the biggest success story that GeekyAnts continues to cherish.

GeekyAnts Software has a team of over 200 developers and a majority of them are engaged in React and Angular

GeekyAnts started with just six people. The tech space is ever changing and there is a rapid in-crease in technology every year. "We never stick to a certain tech stack and handicap ourselves in case the market preference changes overnight". says Kumar Pratik, Founder, GeekyAnts. Of late, the organisation have been hooked with Svelte. GeekyAnts have also built a dashboard using Svelte and already published an article about the same while the rest of the world is yet to explore it.