FutureSoft: Taking Challenges and Conceptualizing Innovations by Leveraging Fast-Paced FSPL Services

Manish Bharti ,CTO

Manish Bharti, CTO

Converged infrastructure technology is now widely used to integrate the various components of an IT infrastructure including servers, storage units, network orchestration and virtualization, software management and network functions. The data center ecosystem is witnessing more disruptive technology implementations along with fueling innovation in data center landscape as data center customers look to reduce cost incurred on increased compute and storage requirements. The data center is home to the computing power, storage, and applications needed to support a business.

One such change-driven leader is FutureSoft Solutions Private Limited (FSPL). Formed in 1996 and headquartered in New Delhi, FSPL has achieved a significant benchmark in IT services and System integration. They are renowned for their vendor - agnostic process automation & optimization approach as well as exceptional delivery of a project that has put the company at the forefront.

As Manish Bharti, CTO at FutureSoft elaborates, “Our questions to customer are towards the services they wish to extend and the performance
expectations they have; an underlying IT infra is then designed considering the products that may fall in shall complement the existing IT infra”.
Team at FutureSoft takes pride in applying experiential learning gained over a period of time and helps customers commissioning a business aligned integrated service delivery platform.

Along with Data Centre consulting, commissioning and maintenance services what interest more to the customer is the provision of SLA re cataloguing with the running maintenance contract, which in-turn allows customer to re-access their needs with the change of business needs. Futuresoft is also assisting their clients with drafting service catalog that they wish to offer to their internal or external customers.

FutureSoft looks forward to introducing Blockchain with appropriate use cases to address problem statement thrown by the business

Compared to the standard 6-hour’s hardware breakdown SLA, the company has demonstrated its ability to recover a breakdown in just 4 hours with Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. Not many system integrators or managed service providers in the industry possess this feature and we have been successful in many projects to be proud of.

“Building and maintaining data centres and services respectively is a thing of a past, SIs will now be measured on their continual adaptability to accept change in
technology, change in SLA and like wise change in services experience within the running contract itself, last but not least, still be measured while change is happening. We are proud of being one of those agile partners who are happy to welcome the change and strategies service delivery accordingly", Manish adds.

Blockchain Technology can make a Difference
With converged and smart infrastructure leading the marketplace, FutureSoft looks forward to introducing Blockchain with appropriate use cases to address problem statement thrown by the business.

Manish explains, “It’s no longer a guessing game, service consumers understands that it is beyond adding an extra server or storage to solve a problem, hence none suggestions but only the problem statements. It is also least likely an eventual service consumer presenting a Blockchain proposal, extending a perfect opportunity to IT arm and SIs to drive a solution, which is not only technically leveraged but also economically meaningful”.

It is the expertise and ingenuity of the service provider that will bring about the change. FutureSoft Solutions is positioned as one such service provider which has always accepted challenges and emerged throughout all projects with ground-breaking solutions. One of the State Government leading with IT initiatives has explored opportunities to leverage the use of digital tokens and innovative technology such as Blockchain and Mobile Wallet to manage the delivery of benefits programs to its residents.