Freezeco: An Odisha Based Premium HVAC -Solution Provider

Thankappan Sunny,Managing Director

Thankappan Sunny

Managing Director

The rapidly growing Indian heating, ventilation and
air-conditioning (HVAC) market (expected to reach
$5.9 billion by 2024) is paving way for the geothermal HVAC system to eradicate non ecofriendly HVAC system
that contributes to the increasing volume of greenhouse gases. Underwriting to the HVAC market fraternity’s initiatives to save mother earth’s depleting resources is Freezeco, an Odisha based
HVAC solutions providing the company is presently developing new technologies to cater solutions to the arising environmental problems. Presently, we are working to provide our clients with evolving HVAC technologies that will save substantial money, reduce energy consumption to save natural resources,” says Mr. Thankappan Sunny, Managing Director, Freezeco.

Freezeco’s Expansion

Started in 1978 at Rourkela, Odisha, Freezecohas become a central name in HVAC market for its timely service delivery, rectitude and reliability. Whether it’s unconventional HVAC designing and engineering of high/low voltage electrical distribution systems, power and distribution transformers, fire and safety solutions, plumbing,electronic surveillance system, annual maintenance or installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP),delivering an array of top-notch HVAC solutions and hassle-free services runs in the bloodline of Freezeco. Besides, Freezeco is developing an application for enhanced customer service and monitoring works that will unquestionably make HVAC revolutionary.Over the years, Freezeco has gained global and national appreciation due to its liberal client-centric approach, firmly completing every project precisely.

At times, when there are certain problems involving designs and ventilation system of a building, Freezeco experts lend their time happily and dedicate themselves for evaluating the client’s
problems, suggesting and providing them the best possible and most effective HVAC solutions. “Having all the necessary technologies in place, we
find newer ways of doing the same work to deliver better, faster and accurate outputs to serve our clients better. Also, regular training of our workforce to update skills and refinement for after-sales service efficacy has helped us to come in the limelight,” explains Mr.Gopen Sunny, Director.

Freezeco is backed by highly proficient engineers, technicians, project managers and foreman that ensure each project is completed by strictly adhering to on-site job training. While executing more than 200 projects for some of the groundbreaking corporate names like GAIL India, Sunshine Hospital, Bhubaneswar; Falcon Marine, Shiva Food Exports, Mini Secretariat, Siliguri; the Freezeco team has created some stimulating stories which Sunny shares, “After the massive devastation of cyclone Fani in Odisha, our team worked 24/7 to make air-conditioners of Mayfair Lagoon & Mayfair Convention of Bhubaneswar as well as Mayfair Heritage&Waves at Puri. The team worked extremely professionally to complete the herculean task. Mayfair is our most valuable client and, being associated with Mayfair group for more than 3decades, and we feel inspired to help them in such a situation. Moreover we are providing uninterrupted service for all MAYFAIR group of hotels in pan India.

Over the years, Freezeco has gained global and national appreciation due to its liberal client-centric approach

Odisha’s Number 1 HVAC Solutions Provider

In the recent past, Freezeco attained a revenue growth of 20-25 percent. The recognition of their hard work is not only limited to a revenue growth figure, but it is also reflected in their awards
and accolades. They are the forerunner in achieving the tag of ‘highest billing target’ in the domestic sector of HVAC in Odisha. Freezeco has also won the Highest Sales Award consecutively for the last 15 years from VOLTAS; after which they became the most successful channel partners for the company.For increasing the productivity of Freezeco and giving work opportunities to innumerable job seekers, Freezeco has incepted a Skilled Development Center in association with Terna Charitable Trust, Nerul, Bombay and in collaboration with one of leading HVAC company. “The future is unimaginable without sustainable HVAC in public transports like trains or buses and for food preservation,” asserts Mr.Devan Sunny, Chief Operation Officer.This initiative will give work opportunity to many youths. Freezeco also promises to initiate highly skilled development centers in Mumbai &Odishafor providing exclusive training to engineers, diploma degree holders, and ITI students.