Fossil Group: Combining World - Class Technology and Fashionable Design to Deliver Next- Gen Wearables

Johnson Verghese,   MD, Fossil India State

Johnson Verghese
MD & Fossil India State

Innovation has always played a key role in transforming the fashion industry - from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce and now, smartwatches. With a dedicated functionalities and apps, smartwatches are a stunning fashion accessory that can rate your pulse, show your social media notifications, play music and many more just like your smartphones. According to the latest research, the global smartwatch market valued 10,223.9 million USD in 2017, is forecasted to witness a CAGR of 22.7 percent during 2018 - 2023. As the market is growing rapidly with more players, however, only a few are perfectly integrating technology in watches, while keeping the fashion sense forward. The global watch and accessories maker Fossil Group is a pioneer in this field and makes a diverse portfolio of smartwatches that amplify the technological features along with the most elegant designs. Johnson Verghese, MD, Fossil India states, “We envision a future that’s forever more connected, more active, and more inspired. Combining world-class engineering with some of the
world’s best brands, together we’re pushing boundaries in design and technology and reinventing the smart accessory (again and again).”

"Smartwatches By Fossil Group Include Heart Rate Tracking, Swim Proof Design, NFC Payments And Untethered, Builtin GPS"

The entry of Fossil Group to smartwatch production was a great leap forward for the global wearable industry. Compatible with both iPhone® and Android™ phones, Fossil Group’s next-gen touch-screen smartwatches are not just splendid in functionality, but they also are a stylish outfit. Johnson indicates, “Smartwatches by Fossil Group include heart rate tracking, swim proof design, NFC payments and untethered, built-in GPS. It hosts a plenty of smart features like digital display, magnetic charging, compatibility with iOS 9.3+ and Android 4.4+. Thanks to its new design, you can access your information faster; get proactive help from your Google Assistant and access smarter health coaching; all with a swipe of your finger!”

Hybridwatches for Tech Savvy Watch Lovers
Fossil Group, which produces 34 million watches every year, possesses unparalleled expertise in horology, the art of making watches and they have unbeatable range of products. Keeping innovation at the core of everysingle development, this international watchmaker has been distinguished by their exceptional proficiency in producing connected watches. “People still consider watches as a fashion accessory.
Even though there has been a drastic evolution in this perception, with the advancements of technology, but the fashion element is still important for a customer. Sensing the pulse of our customers, we have come up with a unique series of connected watches called Hybrid watches. Fossil Hybridwatches come with a traditional look but contains many technological features found in smart-watches such as activity tracking, social media notification, email inputs and multiple time zones. Additionally, in hybrid watches, you can click pictures conveniently by connecting to your phones. Many customers have already appreciated its level of functionality, traditional look and simplicity,” Johnson explained.

With a strong presence in 150 countries, Fossil Group has maintained an unchallen-ged position in global manufacturing. They have factories in China, Switzerland, Hong Kong and even in India (for traditional watches) and every single product under-goes a significant number of rigorous quality checks. Keeping a leading edge in micro-precision business and connected wearables industry, Fossil Group has also formulated a bright roadmap for its future. “2019 is going to be very interesting and crucial year for us. We have planned significant new brand and product launches this year along with new developments in existing products. We are fully capable of delivering great products in the smartwatch category that integrate the latest in technology and lead the trend in fashion,” Johnson concluded.