Fortum Charge & Drive: Transforming The EV Charging Space With Cloud-Based Solutions

Sanjay Aggarwal, Chairman of Board,Awadhesh Jha, Executive Director

Sanjay Aggarwal, Chairman of Board

Awadhesh Jha, Executive Director

Electrification of road transport is very much needed for making India breathe cleaner. To make EV adopted by mass, a reliable, robust and widespread public charging network is needed. Established in 2018, Fortum Charge & Drive EV(Electric Vehicle) charging platform responds to the critical need to decarbonise cities' transport systems by providing world class cloud based solutions that support e-mobility. The vision ‘For a cleaner world'reflects the ambition to drive the transformation towards a low emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency. The Chairman of Board is Sanjay Aggarwal and Awadhesh Jha is the Executive Director at Fortum.

SaaS For Operating EV Charging Infrastructure
Fortum offers software as a service(SaaS)for operating EV charging infrastructure networks and customer interfaces to other Charge Point Operators. Charge & Drive Cloud provides an intuitive end user interface and a comprehensive system that support Charge Point Operators in the remote management of Charging Stations in European countries. India is the first country outside Europe where Fortum entered into the electric vehicle charging space. It has 110 DC Fast charging points across eight states & 10 cities.

The motto at Fortum is to ‘Enhance Customer Experience' at charging stations. It offers aggregation of all chargers on one platform which makes EV users' life easy. The cloud solution is hardware agnostic. Fortum's CPO Connect product makes the charging experience extremely easy and convenient by bringing all charging points operated by different CPOs under one Mobile
App. This offers status of charging points (Available, In Use, Out of Service) advance reservation of charging slot flexible payment option through RFID, Credit/Debit card, SMS multiple payment models like per minutes, per kWh, combination of two charging history and many other features that can help a consumer have a great experience charging their EV. It enables a fully secured charging, which makes sure that without authorization, through RFID or mobile app, the charging process cannot be initiated.

Fortum Charge & Drive is an emerging company with innovative solutions in the EV charging space

The Electric Mobility Service (EMP Mobile App) is based on OCPI which helps seamless integration between various operators paving the way for interoperability at ease. CPO Grow and CPO Connect are two other products which will democratize the EV charging station and increase the adoption of EV.

India Is An Emerging Market In Charging Space
With more and more Passenger Electric Vehicles(PEV) models being launched by various OEMs, it offers a greater opportunity for wider network of public charging station. Eventually, more Corporates would adopt for EV to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Therefore, India would be an emerging Public Charging market with opportunities in Home & Work place charging space.

Awadhesh Jha, Executive Director
In the Nordic region Fortum has been operating 50 KW DC fast Chargers as well as 150-350 KW High Capacity DC Charger which can provide a range of 100-125 km in less than 10 minutes. Fortum has created a corridor of High Power Capacity Chargers between Oslo Stockholm Helsinki. Fortum Charge & Drive offers the only mass market proven solution for EV charging, as well as a personal commitment to growing charging business.

For its operation, Fortum follows CEA safety guidelines on EV Charging station. It is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 Certified. Evaluating the need of the industry, and being one of leading Distribution Company of the Country, Fortum has started a pilot project of Load balancing which will help Grid Operator as well CPO to serve many EV customers within certain load. This will optimize the electricity infra spend as well as setting up EV charging station.